Frozen Memories

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I tried the door again but it didn't budge. Not a single fucking inch.


The temperature had dropped in the last thirty minutes and I was really starting to panic. My fingers and toes were completely numb and my
nose was running.

My muscles quivered as my body fought a loosing battle to keep warm. My teeth knocked against one another as I continued to shove my body against the servants door.

This was my last resort. I had tried the main door and even tried to get into the stables, but it was all locked.


I was freezing. I would welcome Theodore's anger at this point in exchange for the warmth of the indoors.

I slammed my fist against the wood and yelled. My body shook even harder as I leaned it  against the door and squeezed my eyes shut. I could feel the ice penetrating through my skin and seeping into my bones.

It wouldn't be so bad if I was in the proper clothing, but I was in a torn dress made up of very little layers.

There was nothing to do but wait. Wait for help, wait to be heard, wait for somebody to come, anybody. I visualized Anne, or even one of those other bitches, coming to my rescue. I would take anybody.

I even went back to the gardens in search of those two men. They had to of gotten into the house somehow, but they were gone. Like Molly, they just disappeared. I curled into a tight ball and leaned further against the door.

I had to conserve as much energy and heat as possible.

A string of chattered curses left my mouth as I banged for the last time against the wood. An icy tear ran down my numb face as I waited.

The minutes ticked into hours. And the hours stretched into the night.

Time crawled, stealing the life from my body. It seeped into the grass beneath me. It was being stolen, and even as I willed myself to grasp on, it was still ripped from my numb fingers.

I cracked open an eye and was surprised to see the sky had gotten considerably lighter. Morning must be near. I just had to hold on a little longer.

Just a little.

My breathes deepened. I tried to move.

If I knocked now then someone would probably hear me. People would be getting up to start on the household chores. If just one of them heard me then I would be saved.

My eyes blurred and my body felt weightless. I squinted them open to see the first rays of sunlight light up the sky. The image shifted as the door opened and my body slumped to the ground.

I couldn't move my body. Even the small movements of my chest felt like small shards of glass piercing my chest. It was the only feeling left in my body.

I heard a sharp gasp as my eyes fluttered close.

You know, they say that sound is the last thing to go. You know those stories about people being stuck in a coma, only to come out and have memories of the conversations they've overheard.

Well, as my numb body lost its last bit of sensation and my eyes blackened, sound was all I heard as feet crunched over the slightly frozen grass.

"Oh my!" It was a male's voice. I think he picked me up, but I couldn't tell. My ears drowned with what sounded like whooshing water before coming into clarity once again.

There was suddenly a lot of activity. I could hear the soft sound of people as they whispered. I thought I could hear Anne, but it was lost in the wave of movement surrounding me.

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