A Friendly Game of Chess

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"You are unbelievable. Go to your room!"

The dinner was over. I, along with Theodore's sisters and the two strange men, all continued to eat to our stomach's content.

Well, I did. I can't say the same for everybody else.

Cough, cough... Rose. She stayed for the rest of the meal, but ate very minimally. She promptly dismissed herself from the table as soon as the last course was cleared away.

Nobody else re-joined. The guilt of what I said laid in the bottom of my stomach, weighing me down. It was definitely present, but it didn't take up enough room to shoo me away from one of the best meals I've ever had. It would take a lot more than my own guilt to stop me from eating.

And the dessert, my God, it was orgasmic. It was sticky toffee cake with cream. I've never had it before, but it is absolutely my favorite now, and would be the thing I missed the most when I went home.

My mind slowly drifted back to Theodore. He was angry, but let's be real, when wasn't he mad?

His forefinger and thumb pinched the bridge of his nose and his voice was defeated, "Just, go away. I don't want to see you. Please," he looked away from me, "just go to your room where you can't cause any more trouble for the night." He was practically begging for me to disappear. The feeling was not a pleasant one.

He shook his head, turned on his heel, and walked away from me. I gulped. There was a sudden thickness in my throat. His words had stabbed deep. So deep that I felt like throwing up. What was worse than the feeling was the reason behind it. I shouldn't feel so shitty if I didn't care about his feelings towards me.

I dismissed my own speculation and turned in the opposite direction. I let my fingers trace along the wood paneling of the wide hall as my mind, as well as my feet, wandered. Theodore wanted me to go straight to my room.

I released my hair from its simple braid. I wasn't very good at doing my hair. This normally resulted in it looking horrible, but tonight I was actually proud of the way that I was able to manipulate the strands into a nice French braid.

I rounded a corner and ran right into a body. We both gasped as we bounced off each other.

I fell to the ground, smacking the back of my head hard against the wooden floors. I had only been walking, taking my sweet time, but whoever had slammed into me had been running full on.

I heard a light groan as I sat up and rubbed my own head. I already had a twinge of an oncoming headache but with the collision my head started to throb. I reached up and rubbed my temples as I pried my eyes open and stared down at my lap.

My delicate dress had torn with the small fall.

Good, at least something useful came of this night— the tearing of my hideous dress. My skirt was made up of three loosely stitched panels. The one that tore was in the front. It revealed my right leg from the ankle all the way up to my thick thigh and right hip.

"I am so sorry." A ghostly pale hand shoved itself in my face. I winced once more before looking up at the culprit of my fall. I was taken off guard by the short flaming hair that greeted my eyes. A huge mischievous smile consumed half of the girl's face as she took my unwilling hand and lifted me from the floor.

I was surprised to see that she was around my height. I wasn't tall at all, in fact, I was short, often always the butt-end of a short person joke. I didn't mind, but now I just felt awkward as her brown eyes beamed happily into mine.

I was always so used to looking up at people that now, when I was the same height, it just felt awkward. Her face was covered in hundreds of freckles. It wasn't just a light splattering like Annalina, no, this was almost complete coverage. It was briefly interrupted my spots of milky white skin, but for the most part her face, her arms, and even her hands were splattered with different hues of browns and pinks.

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