The Mother of All Mothers

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A suggestive smile flashed across my face when her eyes bounced back to me. Her blush intensified and she quickly looked at the floor, effectively hiding her roses cheeks from anyone who didn't already notice them.

I felt the familiar pin-prick sensation that I get when someone is drilling their eyes through my head. I shifted my gaze to Rose's inky eyes. Her hair was drawn back in a practical style that did not compliment her otherwise cute heart-shaped face.

She wore a peachy dress that outlined her tall willowy figure perfectly, while a single piece of jewelry highlighted her delicate collarbones and slim neck.

She really was beautiful. Too bad her pinched face ruined it. Or maybe the expression that had taken control of her brows and lips was reserved for special people like me.

The disgust was quickly identifiable in the crinkle of the skin around her green eyes, her tense jawline, and the slight twist at the corner of her lips. I don't know what I did to make her hate me, but it seems her brother and herself shared more than their green eye—their hatred towards me.

"You have no right to talk to our sister like that." Her words were sharp. Cleo as well as Annalina sent her a surprised look. She was definitely the leader among the three.

I lifted a questioning brow. What other type of brow could it be, "Like what?"

"Like you guys are equal." Her voice dropped as she leaned in closer. I was the only one who heard her next words. I could see Annalina and Cleo shoot her questioning looks, "I do not know what my idiot brother is doing by introducing you to the family, but I doubt your intentions. You will not get a single pence out of this family." Her words hissed from in between her clenched teeth. My other eyebrow jumped up to join my first one.

She plastered a fake smile on her face as she drew back. "Your dress is lovely, I feel like it's an adequate representation of you."

I hummed in agreement with my own fake smile carved on my face. I would use it as a shield against her pettiness. If this is the game she wanted to play then I have no qualms being a worthy opponent.

"Thank you." I bowed my head like a proper lady and hit her with my diabetes-induced smile, "I like your sparkle." I sent a pointed look towards the small jewel nestled in the hollow of her throat. She thought I was here for her money. I mentally snickered. I didn't have money for my entire life and I didn't expect to for the rest of it. "It's almost... steal-worthy." I let my smile transform into that of a shark. She messed with the wrong person, but, as with her brother, I was prepared to fight.

Her mouth dropped open, "The audacity." She turned towards her sisters and recomposed herself by taking a deep breath, "Excuse me, I find that I am rather more famished than I earlier presumed. I'm going to ask our dear brother when he thinks dinner will be ready." She brushed past me.

Silence ensued for a moment before Annalina spoke up.

"I'm sorry, Rose isn't normally like that." She fiddled with her fingers while tentatively looking up at me with her big worried eyes, "She just..." her sentence trailed off as she looked to the floor once again.

Silence ensued once again. This time it was Cleo who broke it.

She sighed, "Come on girls, this is going to be a nice dinner." She looped her arm through Annalinas', But hesitated when she turned to me. The indecision was fleeting as she reached out and threaded her other arm through mine.

I raised an eyebrow in question, but she only shot me a toothy grin, a real one. I returned the smile and tightened my arm. I would take the wins where I could get them.

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