The Mother of All Mothers

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Hey guys,

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I made sure my shoulders were strong and my back was straight as the doors opened.

There were small groups of people scattered in an otherwise empty space. I recognized some of them: such as Annalina, her two sisters, Kingsley, and Lady Harringson. Some others evaded me.

The sisters and Theodore's fiancé all huddled together in a small group. Their heads leaning in towards each other as they appeared to be gossiping.

Kingsley was on the other side of the room talking animatedly to an older couple. I didn't recognize them, but they seemed to have a kind enough demeanor with their distinct laugh lines that surrounded their kind eyes.

There were two other unrecognizable men standing in the far corner of the room. They appeared to be in a deep conversation, a conversation so intense that they didn't even lift their eyes in acknowledgment when we walked in.

My eyes bounced back and forth between the groups. The women were all dressed similar to Annalina except with slight variations when it came to styles, textures, and colors. And the men were like Theodore—stiff with their too tight cravats and sticks crammed so far up their asses that they couldn't bend over.

It didn't escape my attention that I was the odd one among the group.

Not only was my dress hideously deformed compared to the other ladies, but I lacked the extra accessories, such as the pearls around Annalina's neck or the sparkling earrings that dripped from Lady Harringson's ears.

It would be apparent to everyone that I didn't belong. I gave Theodore a side glance. This is just what he wanted.

Theodore led me over to his sisters and Lady Harringson. He gave them a silent nod of greeting before quickly detaching my hand from his arm. He turned to Lady Harringson and without a word whisked her away from the group. She looked behind at us in shock before Theodore's long and clipped paces caused her to turn back around so she wouldn't trip.

I stared after them as they disappeared around the older couple and tucked themselves away in a private corner of the room. He seemed angry, but I wouldn't know the slightest reason why. He's the one who sabotaged my dress.

I watched his hand trail down her back and come to rest on the space right above her butt. He turned his head and gazed down at her with soft, loving eyes. The same eyes that had just looked at me with only contempt and hatred. A small foreign pinching feeling pinged through my chest at the sight. I rubbed the spot as a slight blush formed on Lady Harringson's cheeks as a result of his attention.

I turned my back on them and dismissed the odd feeling. I originally wanted to completely ruin this dinner so Theodore would be completely and utterly humiliated but now... I don't know... I just felt sad for some reason. I didn't feel like fighting anymore tonight. In fact, I just wanted to go back to my room.

I glanced to the sisters and instantly got the feeling one gets when they're thrown to the lions. I'm sure you guys all know the feeling very well. It's the one you get when you know something bad is about to happen. An axe was hanging over my head.

I glanced over at the three of them before looking to the kind eyes of Annalina. I gave her a polite nod, "How's it going Annalina, was Kingsley polite?"  I didn't mean to let my teasing slip, but when it did a bright blush erupted across her freckled cheeks and she ducked her head down. Her eyes unconsciously darted over to Kingsley who was oblivious to her stares while he carried on a conversation with the older couple.

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