Theodore's Revenge

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Theodore's POV
*A Bonus Chapter*

I tried to lesson the sound of my feet as I stomped up the stairs. I knew I was acting childish, something I haven't done since the days when I was actually a child, but I couldn't help it. This strumpet of a woman just knew all the right buttons to push, or rather, all the wrong ones.

I turned to the left where the double doors stood. I thought the devil was a man, someone who was pure evil, but I was wrong. The devil was a woman. A short, feisty woman who tucked her horns away in her long chocolate hair and hid her wicked intents behind her innocent eyes. She also had a dirty mouth, a quick temperament, and a general lack of understanding when it came to reality.

I truly hated her with every single bone in my body.

I paused outside her door, taking in a deep breath as I attempted to calm the annoyance that was building to an intolerant level within myself.

She made me come up here to fetch her. That wench! I rarely get angry and yet this woman has constantly managed to do just that.

She was a misbegotten spawn of hell!

I clasped my hands behind my back and straightened my spine. I needed to regain my composure before I knocked on her door. That's the only way I would have a fighting chance at restraining myself from causing her bodily harm. I needed to think of something that would relax me.

I let a small innocent smile curve my lips as I remembered my revenge for the oh-so-many-things she's done to me: eavesdropping on my conversation with my sisters and I; leaving her muddy footprints throughout my manor, which I had found multiple times before they were cleaned; attacking me with those beads and buttons; and I'm sure there are other occurrences slipping my mind right now.

She was absolutely and completely a full-breed barbarian. And the only reason I was keeping her around was because she was the only person who had voiced doubt concerning my brother's supposed suicide. However, I seriously doubted her investigative skills.

First of all, she was a woman. I puffed my chest out, investigative work should be left to the men. Secondly, she was obviously incompetent. Completely incapable of a rational thought. What more could I expect from someone of her low socioeconomic class?

I reached out and nocked on the door. My irritation resonated through the wood as I unconsciously pounded my frustrations out on the poor door.

It opened with an unnecessary flourish to expose the ugliest dress I've ever seen. The woman wearing the dress dipped into a lopsided curtsy, which resulted in a slight wobble.

I kept my face under control as I grew even more irritated. She couldn't even curtsy right!

"Your grace." I could feel my body tighten at the sound of her low mocking voice. Why couldn't she just be like the other woman? This would be so much easier if she were. The demure image of my fiancé flashed before my eyes and I felt a small warmth bloom in my chest.

Lady Harringson was a true lady. Beautiful and complacent. She knew her place, unlike this bastardly woman who just completely disregarded my title as a duke. It's as if she didn't even care about my position or the influence that I had over society. I could destroy her if I wanted to. It would be easy with her wanton ways.

I forced myself to take a deep breath before threading my fingers through my hair. But, despite all of that, I needed her.

For my brother, I reminded myself.

"Ugh, don't say that."

"What?" Her dark eyes darted to mine and for some reason Lady Harringsons' flashed through my mind. Hers' were like an iced over tundra, but Blue's were warm. They reminded me of double chocolate chocolate chip cookies. I shook my head.

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