The Monstrous Dress

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"Lady Lovonton." Kingsley reached out and took my hand delicately in his, bowing slightly to plant a soft kiss across my fingers and giving them a light squeeze before straightening back up. "May I escort you to the dinning hall?"

I fluttered my lashes, "I would love for you to, but I'm afraid that his grace, the duke, already has that pleasure."

His eyebrow jumped and I see a spark of surprise flicker across his eyes, "If I'm not mistaken the Duke requested that I escort you down myself."

I laughed lightly as I withdrew my hand and twirled away from him. I faced Annalina and reached out. My fingers wrapped around her wrist as I had to pull her completely out of the room.

I found that Annalina was a nice girl who was a couple years younger than me, but for some reason she suffered from a severe lack of confidence.

I wanted her to open up, and she did, at least all the way up until Kingsley came knocking. I opened the door and turned around to see that Annalina had firmly planted herself against the wall to where Kingsley couldn't she her at all.

Her eyes pleaded with me to let her go, but I wasn't showing any mercy when I gave her wrist a firm tug and she stumbled out into the open.

"I'm afraid that the duke's dear sister here hasn't got an escort and I would hate to have her walk down all alone when there's a perfectly good one here. His grace must've just forgotten that she was here with me." I plastered on a smile as I guided the trembling fingers of Annalina to Kingsley's hand.

I looked up to see her face a deep tomato red. But she looked adorable; she changed into a deep purple dress with a lace trim that showed just how milky and unblemished her skin was. She topped it off with a simple pearl necklace.

A shot of jealously went through me as I compared my own attire to hers. I was wearing that hideous orange from earlier, but now it had a slightly dress-like shape to it.

Annalina had said it didn't look that bad, but I found out from our time together that she was too nice to reveal her true thoughts.

For God's sake, I had puff sleeves and the waist wasn't properly cinched in, creating an abnormal wrinkle throughout the entire piece. Also, the neckline was just the slightest bit uneven. All in all, it was the ungliest and worse-fitting dress I have ever worn.

"I'm unsure. Theodore said to get you and-."

I cut him off with an over exaggerated gasp, "You're not suggesting that Lady Annalina walk down herself, the duke's youngest sister?"

Kingsley seemed to be getting flustered as he struggled with words. In the end he relented and tucked Annalina's hand in the crook of his arm.

"Perfect. Tell Theodore that I'll be waiting for him." I flashed my teeth and clicked the door shut on Kingsley's shocked face.

I muffled my laughs as I leaned against the door. I was told it was 'proper' to have a chaperone to dinner, especially when there were guests. Well, now I would make Theodore come to me.

Oh, this was going to be so much fun.

I thought back to the conversation that I had with Annalina.

"You start from the outside and work your way in."

I stood and listened attentively to Annalina describe the proper order of when and when not to use certain silverware as Madame Portenello continued to prod and poke with her little pins.

I thought this was all ridiculous, but I nodded and asked my next question, "Okay, whose going to be at dinner tonight?"

"Just some of our uncles, their wives, and then their children."

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