The Chair - Part 2

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Suddenly, a warble cleaned the slate. AJ looked around for the source. He finally saw Damien lean out of a second story window and warble again.

AJ breathed a sigh of relief and made his way down the street towards the building. AJ passed Damien in the doorway. Damien was headed out to disguise the tracks. AJ made his way upstairs and started making the meal Damien constructed.

After a few minutes, Damien returned and they ate as the sun fell below the horizon. They said nothing to each other about this place or what they would do next. They refused to use electric lights or candles, not in a place like this. With the last bit of light, they barricaded the stairs and got settled in.

AJ was asleep almost before his head hit the pillow.

When AJ opened his eyes the next morning, the sun was far higher than he expected

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When AJ opened his eyes the next morning, the sun was far higher than he expected. He looked around without moving.

He saw Damien across the room, lying down facing him. He was still asleep.

"Damien," AJ whispered across the room, "Damien!"

He saw him stir.

"Damien," AJ whispered loudly again, "Something's wrong."

Damien rolled over slowly and looked out the window.

"It's too late," Damien whispered, "we overslept? We never oversleep."

"I know," AJ whispered back, "I don't know what's going on."

Damien reached down and grabbed the rifle that was laying beside him. AJ saw that something was wrong. Without saying anything, Damien rotated the rifle over. The magazine was missing from it. Damien nodded to AJ.

AJ went for his bag at the base of his bed. He grabbed the handgun from the front pocket. It was light. He turned it over and then showed Damien. His magazine was missing too.

Damien crawled out of bed and over to his bag. He stayed low and clear of the window. When he reached it, he started turning it out.

"Shit," Damien whispered, "It's all gone. Every magazine."

"What?" AJ asked, "How could that happen?"

"Someone else was here," Damien said, "they got the jump on us. I don't know how, but they did."

Damien slumped to the floor and leaned against the bed. AJ sat up and put his head in his hands.

"What's are we going to do?" AJ asked him after a few moments of silence.

"I don't know," Damien answered.

A voice broke the silence from the outside, "Y'all wanna come out here or you just gunna sit up there all day."

Damien and AJ scrambled away from the windows and took cover behind anything they could. They didn't say anything, to answer or to each other. AJ could hear Damien's breathing even from this far away.

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