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I'm laying on the couch at home. Some much happened in such a short amount of time. I flicked through the channels, nothing good to watch. I ended up turning it off.

I walk into the kitchen to eat some cereal. I take it up to my room. My heads killing me. I take my meds and lay back, thinking.

I hope I didn't "forget"something important.

I lay back again, trying to search my memory. Sighing in frustration. I close my eyes. I ended up falling asleep.

Days later


I walk into campus. I adjust my glasses and walk to my locker. I open my locker and stuff my backpack inside. Grabbing my notebook and textbook.

"I heard that they were both in the hospital and some other people from school!"
"No way! What happened after?"
"I'm not sure exactly but I heard they broke up."

I herd the group of girls talking about what had happened over the break. My heart had still hurt and missed him. But I remember what the doctor said
"Don't force anything, just let them come naturally.."

I hadn't talked to Justin, sadly. I had seen him around.

"I heard he's dating some one new"
"No way, since when?"
"I didn't even know he's was single"

I slam my locker shut and head to class. I got tired of hearing them. All these rumors spreading around since we've come back. But I was also told that he was seeing someone new by my first friend! Halsey.

She started talking to me in the classes we share. Apparently the girl had transferred a couple months into the school year here. I'm still not sure who is it.

What am I saying!? That means nothing to me they're just rumors!

I sit in my class and look out the window at the green trees.

It's not important.

The room starts to fill up and the bell finally rings.

"Alright class, take out your books and flip to page 236..."

(Skips to lunch)

I walk in the quad and find a seat under a tree. Halsey catches me and walks over. She now has blue hair.

"Loving the hair"
She smiles "thank you"
I pull out my lunch a ham sandwich. She also pulls out soup.

I start to eat my sandwich.

"So I found out who the-" she starts when I see Justin walk by. Our eyes meet and he smiles.

I'm too shocked to react and just watch him go by.

"Earth to Selena" she snaps her fingers

I blink and look at her. She looks at me with wide eyes.

"Did you heard what I said?"
I shake my head, no.

She looks at me 😑.

"I said that I found out who the girl Justin is dating"
"And?" I say
"And what?" She shrugs.
"Who is she?" I press on

" Well apparently you know her, not like know her know her but-" my eyes start to wonder to where Justin is. I watch him grab his lunch and sit down with his friends. Many people are surrounding him.

"..You have a few classes with her and..." I watch as a group of girls goes up to them and they all greet each other then the girl hugs Justin and he kisses her cheek.

"..they've known each other for a while. Since before she got to the school. Families are "close" you can say.." I listen to her while I watch what's unfolding before me eyes.
They look at each other, they look in love. I felt sad. He's moved on. I felt my heart begin to break.

"..Her name is.."

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