Armin ft. Various || Innocence

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"Armin! I found an interesting book!" You shout as you barge in through the doors of the mess halls. Everyone stopped in their talking and the guys set their eyes on you.

"Really? What is it about?" He asks, smiling as you sit down beside him.

"Here, take a look. It's brand new!" You scream, shoving the book into his hands.

"Oh, alright. Mind if I borrow it from you for a while?" He asks.

"Of course, no problem!" You smile.

O ══════════════════ O  

"Happy Valentine's Day, (y/n)! P-please accept the c-chocolates." Bertholdt says, sweating.

"Why, thank you. You're so sweet." You say, taking the chocolate from his hands.

Your fingers brushed against each other lightly. Bertholdt tenses up and holds his hand up to his eyes. You turned around to head to the training grounds when you haven't noticed Bertholdt had fainted from your touch.

"(Y/n), you're as pretty as always." You turn around and met Jean and Reiner smiling at you.

"Thank you." You smile.

"Happy Valentine's Day." They say in unison as they hand you two roses.

"They're lovely. Thank you." You say, taking it from their hands.

"(Y/n)! Happy Valentine's Day!" You hear Eren shout as he runs to your direction.

"Thank you, Er-"

Before you could finish your sentence, Eren had tackled you, hugging you to the ground as you fell. The two roses slip off your grasp and Eren notices.

"I'm sorry." He says, getting off you and picking up the roses.

"It's okay, Eren." You smile as he hands them back to you.

Eren decided to strike a conversation with you. Soon, Jean and Reiner joined in. Reiner made jokes and Jean told pick-up lines while Eren silently tried to copy the Corporal's emotionless expression. The group had burst into laughter and a few moments later, Marco and Bertholdt joined in on the fun too. Although they remained silent, the two boys still laughed along with you. Then, Connie joined in out of nowhere and started sharing about his master plans on pulling pranks on Sasha.

"Stop flirting with (y/n). She belongs to Armin." You turned to see Mikasa glaring at the guys.

"Hello, Mikasa! They're not flirting, they're just telling some jokes and stories." You say.

"Oh (y/n), you're so innocent." Mikasa says.

"I am?" You ask, cutely. Aww.

Out of nowhere, a hand pulls you from where you were seated and dragged you away from the group. You looked to see blonde hair, tightly grasping your wrist. Armin!

"Armin, there you are! I was looking for you." You smile.

Instead of responding, he hugs you tightly. You hug back and let out a faint chuckle.

"I don't want to lose you from those guys." He says.

"What do you mean? Are you talking about Eren and the others?" You ask, and he nods.

"Don't be silly! They were only trying to make me laugh." You smile.

"(Y/n), you innocent angel. I love you."

"I love you too, Armin."

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