All The Drugs: Pt 2

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Jack's POV

I was woke up by the sound of someone calling my name. "Sean?"

I sat up needing to rub my eyes but I didn't it made me feel like I looked weak I instead stretched out a bit and looked to the door of the cell. There was a security guard standing there with a food tray he looked at me with a smile until he saw my artwork on the wall.

"Ah, interior decorating are we? Well don't get to comfortable because you are leaving to go to the courthouse today so they can find out what to do with you." The security guard said opening the cell door and laying the food on the small table in the corner. I glanced at the open door and back at him thinking about it before telling myself it was to risky.

"I have to go to the bathroom." I said which really wasn't a lie.

"I'm not allowed to let you out untill a officer arrives." He said closeing the cell door and locking it.

"Look you're going to let me go to the bathroom or I'm going to piss on the floor, you're choice."

"You can hold-" he froze in his words as I undid my zipper of my jeans.

"Jesus fucking Christ ok ok ok just make it snappy." He said unlocking the door as I pulled my zipper back up. He opened the door and guided me to the bathroom not taking his eye of me for a second. 

"You wanna watch me piss too you weirdo?" 

"No, go ahead and do you're thing." He said leaning on the wall as I walked in the bathroom and locked the door. I looked around the room more focused on finding a way out than actually using the bathroom. There was a window but there was no fucking way I was getting my hips through that small window. I flushed the toilet to make him think I used the bathroom and wasn't planing to escape like I actually was. I turned on the sink to muffle out the sound of me half emptying the trashcan in the room. I turned off the sink and set the trashcan in the corner so you couldn't see it when you walked in. I ripped off a piece of my shirt and wraped it around my hand. I punched the mirror with the hand covered in cloth causing it to shader making a large amount of noise. I ran over the the trashcan and hide from the view of when you first walk in.

"HEY WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE?!" He yelled from the other side of the door as I heard him fumbling through his keys. The key rattling stoped and was replaced by the door handle rattling. The door opend and he walked in looking at the shadered mirror on the floor not noticing anything else yet. I took the trashcan and put it over top of him and kicked him on the back through the trashcan knocking him into a wall and he fell down. I grabed his keys and ran out of the bathroom and out into the front of the station.

I unlocked the front door and ran outside. I threw the keys in the small pond just to be an asshole. While I paused for a second since I really wasnt a good runner someone tackled me to the ground. And with two clicks the pain in my wrist returned from the familiar feeling.

"Sean don't you think you've done enough trouble?" He said pulling me of the ground.

"Nope never enough trouble."

"Kid what the hell kinda drugs are you on to keep you this crazy?" He asked me pulling me back to the station.

"All of them! All the drugs!" I said but to be honest I've never touched a drug in my life.

He rolled his eyes and pulled me to his car.

"Wait aren't I getting caged like a wild animal again?" I said nodding to the police station.

"No the court house is set up and the only thing missing is you." He said putting me in the back of the car.

"Hell ya you can't start a party without Jackaboy here." I said giving him a wink and he rolled his eyes before getting in the drivers seat and turned on the car.

He pulled out of the parking lot and drove off while glaring at me through the rearview mirror.

"Sir you look any longer my head is going to catch on fire." I said rubbing my face with my shoulder since my hands were a little tied up at the moment, literally.

He looked away from me returning his eye forward and just like that the car stoped. In such a small town cars aren't even needed you could buy a horse and walk it back to you're house in a town this small.

He opend my door and pulled me out of the car walking me up to the courthouse. He opened the door leading straight into the courtroom where everyone was waiting. 

"Hey Dona you look lovely." I gave her a wink. "You're working those suspenders Mr. Lakewood." I said pointing at him with finger guns. "Kaylee nice haircut." I said giveing her a big smile.

I fucking hate that bitch.

I walked up to the front table on the right and sat down smiling at the judge.

"This court will now come to order." The judge said slamming the hammer on the desk.

"I call up Sean McLoughlin to the stand." A woman said standing up out of her chair at the other table right away.

"Alright whatever." I said getting up since the judge alowed it. I walked over to the stand and sat down. She walked up the the front of the stand giving a straight face that was stone cold that it could make a grown man cry.

"Before we start Mr. McLoughlin I will remind you, anything you say can or will be held against you."


This is going to be a long day...

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