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   As I sit here 10 years later, I remember that night Phil and me met at the bar. I also remember the day I decided to go back to college, and become a nurse. I remember the day when we adopted our first kid out of two. About 4 years of marriage and then we got kids, me more thrilled than ever.

   One is 12 and the other 14. Bailey and Lydia. Currently however, they are both asleep (or well I'd hope considering that it's 12am). Me..well I can't sleep. I have work in an 3 hours (yes I have the night shift tonight). As I lay there in Phil's embrace, my head buried into his chest. I'm thankful for everything. For him supporting me throughout everything I've been through. For him being here for me when I needed him the most. For letting me have the pleasure of loving him.

    He still works at the book shop, and I don't mind, I'd support him no matter what he does. We always make it work. Yes we have our fights sometimes, but what couple doesn't? Even into our 30's are styles haven't really changed, with my husband a tattooed punk still, me a not-so-innocent pastel. I mean I don't wear flowercrowns anymore but I still wear pink and blue.

   "Can't sleep?" Phil mumbles.

   "I have to go to work in like 3 hours, I got some sleep but not much." I sigh. 

    "Even after all these years you still work nights." He laughs quietly.

    "It's a twelve hour shift so I only work 4 days a week instead of 6." I whine, I despise 12 hour shifts.

    "I know, and you do it to be with your family, and I love you for it." Phil smiles, kissing my forehead.

    "Speaking of being with family time,  I was thinking on Saturday we could all go to the park?" I suggest.

    "That sounds amazing." He rolls over and suddenly the warmth is gone. Nooo.

     "I was warm, get your ass back over here." I roll over and cling to him, his chest vibrating from laughter.

     "Okay, love." Phil laughs, while rolling on top of me.

    "Not on top of me you jerk." I jokingly push him off of me.

He lays beside me again, as we both lay flat on our backs, hands intertwined. I hear the rain hit the window, and see a flash of lightning. Right before the thunder hits, I feel Phil squeeze my hand tightly. He knows I'm afraid of thunder. So are Bailey and Lydia, so I'm waiting for them to come and join us.

    I wasn't wrong, considering in about two minutes, Bailey and Lydia come running into the room at top speed. Lydia lays beside me, and Bailey lays beside Phil. Both clinging to us with all they have.

    "I'm the only one here not afraid of thunder?" Phil questions, and I nod. Well all of us nod except Phil.

    So as I lay  here with my family, I realize something. Maybe me and Phil had a rocky start, and have had our hardships. Yet, we made it, we've been married for over 10 years now, we have two beautiful children, who love us both. I have a family I would never get rid of for any amount of money, because I love these guys.

    Everything we have been through, has led to this.

    "I love all of you." I whisper, to all the half asleep figures.

    Not because I have to, but because it's true. This is my family, and nobody can ever take it away from me.

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