Chapter 4

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Jack had stopped talking to Alex. No amount of beer would make him forget when Jack had yelled "You're just like him!" Alex had been cooped up in his room crying. Rian would come in now and then to comfort him but Rian never stayed long, because it hurt too much to see his bestfriend in pain. He picked up his phone to dial Jack, hoping he would answer.

Hey it's Jack! I'm out and about right now, leave a message!

He ended the call, and redundantly threw his phone across the room. "WHY DID I DO THAT?" He yelled. Slamming his face into his pillow, only to hear his phone faintly ringing. He hoped it was Jack, but it was Zack.

"Hello?" Alex whimpered.

"Get your ass over here." Zack said sternly before hanging up the call.

Alex drove to Zacks as ordered. He walked up the drive way, and opened Zacks door to find Jack sitting on the couch. Jacks eyes widended at the sight of Alex. Zack pulled him inside and dragges him into the guest room, Jack too. They were soon both locked in the room. Alex looked at him. Jack never made eye contact. "Jack I'm sorry, I was really drunk. I fucked up. But that doesn't mean I don't like you, I really really REALLY like you." He said quietly. Alex sat on the bed, and Jack sat beside him to Alex's surprise. "I like you too." He mummbled. Alex looked shocked. "I just can't be with you if stuff like that happens all the time". He stated. "It doesn- It won't!" Alex almost yelled, eyes pleading. Jack put his hand over Alex's. Jack had given him one last chance


a/n: this such a shit chapter, but its early and I won't be able to update tomorrow! So sorry for such a bad chapter but look JALEX YAAAAY<3

He has no idea.Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!