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As Ian looked at Argos holding open his door, a man who had once been his friend and every bit as young and vital, he felt pity well up for him. Yes, Argos had lost so much. Ian understood that now in a way he had never been able to before. But Argo's actions had led him to waste everything. His home, his friends, his family. Ian was happy he'd gotten himself under control before he had made the same mistake.

He mentally shook himself, pushing away any kind thoughts he had for his old friend. Now was not the time for reminiscing. That would only hinder what he needed to do. He was a tracker. A hunter. And he needed to act accordingly.

I have two objectives. Stop the traitor from continuing to murder Atlantians and get the artifact from him. If possible, bring the traitor home for punishment. If necessary, eradicate him. It is time to do what I came here to do.

Ian's gaze turned icy. There was no mistaking the hard edge to his voice. "Here or elsewhere?"

Blake closed his eyes for a moment, then quickly looked around. "Please, anywhere but here. Someone could walk in any minute." Blake stumbled over the words he hadn't used in decades as he answered in Atlantian.

Ian stepped back from the door and held his arm out. "Let's go. My car is on the street."

They walked down the drive without incident. Blake waved at the man working on the car. "My son-in-law," he said.

"I do not care." Ian didn't care. After everything that this man had done, he didn't want to think of him having a loving wife and children, family. Something that Argos had taken from so many others.

They got into the car and drove in silence. A few times, Blake started to say something and then stopped. What can he really say to defend himself? There is nothing.

Ian drove to the park, toward the secluded place he had found. As they went further into the forest, the towering trees cut off the light of the sun, causing the day to seem dim. Ian would make sure there would be no escape for the traitor.

An almost invisible dirt path took them to a dead end. It was dark and shadowy here. The forest was deadly quiet. It knew there were intruders.

"Get out, Argos," Ian ordered.

Blake clenched the handle of the door. Sweat ran down his face. He did not move. "Blake. It's Blake now."

Ian's anger lit and hardened his resolve. Argos was a destroyer. Did he really think a different name changed that? "I do not care what you like to call yourself. It does not make you something other than what you are. Get out now, or I will drag you out."

Blake reluctantly left the safety of the car. His eyes widened as he waited for what came next.

"I want to hear why you did it. From your own mouth, before I take you back," Ian said. His voice became rougher the more his anger grew. How had this man ever been a friend to him?

Blake brought his hands out in front of him, beseeching Ian. "I have no excuse. I was just so young when I lost her. I was angry and so, so lost-"

"You are right. You have no excuse. I have also lost an Intended. I did not murder!"

Blake took a step toward him. Sorrow for Ian covered his face. He reached out a hand to comfort his friend.

"Do not touch me!" Ian hissed.

Blake blinked his tear-flooded eyes. "Of course. Of course, I'm sorry."

"You killed our people! Continue to kill them!" Ian's contempt for Argos filled him as the memory of finding his murdered friends and family came back to him. Always mutilated. What kind of man was he to do that?

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