Sailor Tom x Siren Tord (part 4)

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World Pov

It's the main Siren Island, Anthemusa. And a cute lesbian couple sat together in a flower bed. 


"Yes, Puerile?" (Pure-al)

"Have you heard about the?..."

"Yes. I'm just so glad we weren't there at the time the cannon fired." Vanity lifted up Pueriles spirit a little bit, giving her a soft smile. 

Puerile is pale with long, brunette hair. Her bangs covered her eyes. And her tail was a nice dark green. She has a child like personality. Fooling around is her forte. Really, she's the most adorable Siren ever.

Vanity is a bit tan, having ruby red hair with black roots. She often wears red lipstick and carries a hand mirror to admire herself. Others often look at her as narcissistic. She also has black tail, some of her scales where a shiny red that glistens.

The two snuggled in the flowers, which were Pueriles favorite. Eryngos. Or Sea Hollies.

In case you were wondering, Sirens has two forms. One looks like a human. Legs and half naked. And the other form is what they truly look like. Basically dark mermaids. Having fish tails, and gills on their necks. In that form, they are able to breath in air and water. 

(once again, I know the siren lore isn't very accurate, I intended to mix it up)

Another Siren came stomping through the valley. It seems like she's really pissed off. She approached the couple. 

"Why aren't you two out hunting? You know, there's not many sailors out there now a days since the word began to spread about us. Take what you can or you're going to starve." She spoke harshly.

"So I'm amusing your nightly hunt went terrible?" Vanity pointed out.

"No. It's... It went fine. Maybe?!? Urgh!! He was defiantly interested, but that bastard stopped me from attacking!!"

"Oh...why don't you finish your food before hunting some more." Puerile asked.

"I'd like to save them for later. Like I said, there's not many sailors out there. Plus, I like to watch them suffer when I return to my cave." After she spoke, she sat down a safe distance from the couple. Looking grumpyyyy.

Puerile is sitting on Vanities lap, who's grinning in the mirror at the moment.

"Aww, Deceit. Cheer up! Aren't you glad you weren't caught in that cannon fire?" Puerile pouted.

"Cannon fire?"

"You didn't know?"

"Of course not. I've been avoiding everyone since last night, like always. I only speak with you two..."

"Deceit, you should really be more social. You are the greatest siren I know! You're technique, or quirk on luring in the sailors is too powerful!"

"I'm not flawless, you know. No quirk, isn't necessarily "perfect". There will be some factors that contradicts my great ability." Deceits arms cradled her sides, and Vanity noticed through the corner of her eye. 

"How are your cuts healing?"

"Not good. Not bad. It's better from when I got them, of course, but it still hurts..." 

"You have to be careful next time. Some of those sailors can be pretty strong when defending themselves."

The girls kind words eased Deceit. Also, realizing that she's with her buddies, remote from everyone, avoiding the stress of everything, relaxed her mind. Finally trying to let loose.

Deceit is normally all about food. Or prey. So she's hunting 24/7. Developing multiple strategies in different locations, for different people. Especially, after finding out that two Sirens are dating each other (Vanity and Puerile) opened her mind about the sailors preferences.

Because of her hunting obsession, she's not every social at all. Hence why, she only has two friends. 

You would often find Sirens in groups of 8 or 10.

Small groups of them aren't common at all.

Since Deceit has a great quirk with crazy social anxiety. And the other two, who's love is looked down upon from other Sirens. 

Being a Siren means to look and act pretty, and eat eat eat

Nothing else!


Just so you know, you can try to piece the story and the lore together.
I think this part is a bit confusing since there's information missing. That will be further explained in the next one.


Here's a picture of Deceit I drew

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Here's a picture of Deceit I drew.

I feel like I fucked up with the outlining for her hair......and don't question that "leg" she's holding....

.....the shoe is just a really sad circle.

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