Part 20

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"Princess  wake up!" Cayden yelled. "No let me sleep." I will not  wake up I refuse. "Come on we don't have all day we have to train" Fuck no I'm not training. "No I'm lazy."I say. "Do you want to get back at Marco or what?" My eyes flutter open when he says that. "Wait princess?? I'm not a princess.. I'm a mother fucking queen!" I said he just chuckled. "Only you princess... only you." he said wait what is he doing in my room?? "What are you doing in my room actually?" I asked. "You should really close your window." he said bitch did he really jump into my room?? "Yeah yeah whatever." I said getting up I walk into my closet andgot some training clothes. I walked out. "You ready bish?" I asked Cayden.  "Bish? really?" He asked getting up. "You call me princess so your bish." I explained. "Okay we have to go now." I just nodded  we walked into my house gym. We fought for about eight hours I won most of the fights but Cayden are physically stro ger then me so that's why he won sometimes. we started streching and stuff like that. "We can start with wepon fighting." I said he just nodded after four hours with that we got hungry so we went to make pizza and pasta here's how it went,

"Cayden you idiot your supposed to have flour on it not sugar!!" I yelled at him. "How was I supposed to know?" He defended himself. "At least I didn't  set fire to the kitchen trying to make pasta!" He yelled at me I bursted out laughing and Cayden joined me. "Wanna order chinese?" I asked. "Yeah that's proprably smart." He said. "Can you order? I gotta shower." I said he answered with a short okay.  I took a quik shower and  took Cayden's hoodie and some shorts. I walked downstairs where Cayden sat on the couch he didn't notice  e so I took the chance. "FOR NARNIA!!!" I yelled jumping onto him. "your really weird you know?" He said pushing me off so that I fell onto the floor. "Your mean maybe I should get another gang leader that will love me?" I teased him he looked worried. I was about to walk away from him when I felt two arms around my waist pulling me onto him. "Your only mine if any guy even thinks about you they'll get a bullet through their head." He said posessive damn he's sexy posessive. "I don't think so Carter won't like that." I looked at him his eyes darkned. "Where is he?!" He yelled. "I'm kidding! chill." I said the doorbell rang yes that's the food I got  my wallet and walked to get the food. Cayden walked with me. I opened the door. "Oh hey Carter!" I said Carter work for me. "Hey sky nice to see you again." Suddenly Cayden got in front of me. Cayden gave him a deathglare. "Well here's your food it's free don't worry!" Carter said scared.

Cayden turned to me. "WAS THAT THE CARTER YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT!!" He yelled. "Chill bish he works for me it would be weird." I said opening my food. "Sorry princess I justcan't deal with another guy being with you." He said he looked so adorable it took everything in me not to awww. "Well I would be the same with you." I said honestly. We ended up watching a movie so I cuddled with Cayden I started to fall asleep when I heard him mumble "I love you" I was to tired to answer so sleep got me.


Hey..... um sorry for not updating I just haven't had the crativity for writing.

Well bye

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