chapter 7 jinx and kid flash and the pain

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You were watching tv with Beastboy you were glad that didn't have to work for slade anymore but you couldn't help but feel that something was wrong they almost never want to talk to you it's like their trying to avoid you but you didn't think that we're hiding something from you.

Beastboy: y/n what's wrong

Y/n: nothing it's just....  you guys avoiding me

Beastboy: we're not avoiding you little dude... it's just that we've just been busy

Y/n: how come?

Beastboy: uhhhh... well since we're done working for Slade... he's probably going to get someone else to do his dirty work for him

Y/n: oh... that makes sense

You decided not to ask anymore questions you started to get sleepy and laid your head down on Beastboy's lap and fall asleep. You woke from your nap and you woke to find Beastboy gone he probably went to his so went to go fine robin. You found him he looks like he's doing on his desk  you walked up to a tugged on his cape

Robins: hey y/n

Y/n: hey robin what are you doing

Robin: I'm working on a plan to catch these jewel thieves I got a tip someone going to break in the jewelry shop *picks you a put you on his lap*

Y/n: *looks at his but sees something else* hey robin what's that?

Robin: *looks at then pick it up* this a tracking device you put it on someone and  it's tracks them to where they are

Y/n: that's awesome how do you track them?

Robin: with this *takes out some sort of thing that has a t on it* with my communicator and very single member of titans have one

Cyborg walks in the room and Ruffles your hair

Cyborg: yo robin their here

Robin: good y/n there's someone you i want to meet

He takes you off his lap and but no before you you grab the tracker then you fallow him into the garage when you walked in you two people inside. The first one you see is a girl who has pink hair and wearing purple and clothes and the other one was a man with a yellow suit and red pants and gloves he also and red hair and was wearing a mask with two red lighting bolts on side.

Robin: y/n meet jinx and kid flash

Y/n: hi

Jinx: hi there y/n i'm jinx

Kid flash: and I'm kid flash

Robin: their going to be watching you while me and others check out that robbery I told you about

Y/n: ok robin

You hug him but you put the tracker on his back but he didn't notice other came down said goodbye and they were gone leaving you with jinx and kid flash.

Kid flash: so y/n what do you wanna do?

Y/n: I wanna to do why you they call you jinx and kid flash

Jinx: because we can do this

She snapped her finger causing a couple of tools to fall buy before a yellow and red blur catch the tools before they hit the ground you see kid flash holding you smiled. You all walked to the living room and watch TV you kept asking about kid flash and jinx about the their they answer all of them kid flash even gave you a piggie back ride all around the world you were laughing and giggling when he did that jinx was funny and made you laugh she even then some flips you told her you could do that and you a Corkscrew somersault and land on the couch and jinx was amazed.

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