,Mind of flowers,,

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She was fierce,
You could see the fire in her heart
Shining through.
You could see
The insecurities creeping up
Her spine
As the room fell silent.
Her beauty gave them aphasia.
But she didn't know that.
Not at all.
Because in the night,
In front of her mirror,
The only thing she ever saw was failure.
She couldn't see it,
She couldn't see the thing everyone else saw.
And it made her lose her mind.
The same mind that once were filled with nothing but flowers,
Had turned to something that no flower could ever survive,
And neither could she.


This is basically what this "book" will contain. It's not the best and I'm sure there'll be a lot of grammatical errors but feel free to correct me.

I must ask you again to not copy my work, at least give me credit if you use one of these.
( even though no one will use these bc they suck and so does I. )

I hope you'll like this whole thing and I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you're reading this right now.

With all love & affection,

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