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"you guys know each other?" sunwoo asked, kevin shrugged.

"you can say that?"

jacob giving a nervous chuckle, he ran his fingers through his hair. "so.."

"how do you guys know each other?" sunwoo questioned, interrupting the awkward silence.

"I messaged him on that texting app everyone at school uses. it just started from there you know?"

"oh, I see."

as they talked for a bit more, juyeon noticed how both kevin and jacob would take glances at each other. try and play it off as if it was nothing when they got caught. but he felt real suspicious of the two.

"your name's kevin right?" juyeon asked, the boy nodded in response. "do you like cereal?"

"what kind of question is that?"

"jacob likes guys who eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. so you know, just wondering if—"

jacob throwing a napkin ball at juyeon's face. he glared at him, "sorry, juyeon doesn't know when to stop talking."

"well, yeah? I like cereal? I can eat it for breakfast and for a snack." kevin answered, then went back to killing his eyes with his phone.

gritting his teeth together, kevin looked at jacob and put his phone down. taking a sip of his coffee, he raised a brow.

english — italics

"so what was he talking about?" kevin questioned in english. all the boys tilted their head in confusion, not understanding a word. except for jacob of course.

his english voice is kinda soothing.. jacob thought, but he shook it off and answered.

"I don't know. juyeon just likes making things ten times more awkward. sorry about him."

"oh his name's juyeon? I didn't quite catch it but i hear hwall and chanhee talk about him sometimes."


kevin shrugged, "who knows. they're weird and shit talkers."

jacob giggling, he felt his face turning hot. kevin gave him a light smile which made his heart race a bit. why was he so cute?

"I might not be as awkward today because I got my coffee. but I didn't think our meeting would be this soon." kevin sighed, "you're really quiet and shy. your aura is so small, yet on the internet all you call me is a bitch."

jacob flushing from embarrassment, he covered his face and immediately apologized. "sorry..I already told you I'm different in the real world and online."

"and you were right. you're just a shy cutie while on the internet you're just a dork."

"t—that's...alright yeah..sure.."

kevin chuckled, "cat's got your tongue?"

"you're quite bold, it's the coffee huh?" jacob teased.

"maybe it is. maybe it isn't."

"hey!! this is unfair, we understand nothing!" haknyeon whined, "what's with the english talk anyways? keeping secrets?"

"no, just asked jacob something real quick. but I gotta go, hwall's waiting at my house supposedly so I'll see you guys at school."

"bye bye!" haknyeon told.

jacob gave an awkward wave, before leaving kevin ruffled his hair. "maybe see you monday?"

"maybe..cant promsie you anything."

a small smile creeping onto kevin's face, he said goodbye to everyone once more and left the coffee shop. jacob having a noticeable blush on his face. sunwoo crossed his arms.

"is there something going on between you two?"

"w—what no!"

"lies~" juyeon sang.

"s—shut up!!"

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