Chapter 6-Blood Stream

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-1 Moon Later After Chapter 3

Ravenkit was excited for the day since it marked a special event in his life. Today he had turned 5 moons old, and according to ancient tradition, all kits at his age got a small territory tour. It was done with a well guarded patrol and it lasted as long the kit wished it too or from sunup to sundown. The patrol consisted of his father, Jayheart, a gray tom with green eyes, Blazeteeth, a gray she-cat with brown eyes, and Rustwood, a dark ginger she-cat with orange eyes. They were some of the clan's finest warriors. Ravenkit squirmed in excitement, but stood still, awaiting his journey. Today I will finally see a world of so far I have only gotten a small glimpse of. I can't wait! It will be important to know what is out there in the world once I am leader! I can't wait!

They cats gave their farewells to see each other later and they got in their places. The adult cats surrounded Ravenkit on all four sides; Treestar and Rustwood in the front and the other two were in the back. The quintet left the camp and emerged in the forest. Ravenkit was immediately ushered into a world of wonder.

The mid-morning sun yellow rays were strong and luminous. The air was lukewarm, gently blowing, ruffling the fur of all. New scents entered Ravenkit's nose for the first time, all so strong isn't was hard to tell which was which. He had never smelled the tree leaves in so much detail before, nor the dirt or the rare ground plants, nor the grasshoppers that hopped around. He was very much delighted. Ravenkit was in awe.

"This, my son," Treestar began, " is a perfect day. It shows the beauty of our land, the marshes and the swamp trees. It is barren in the cold times, and plentiful in the hot. But it is home nonetheless which we protect."

"It really is beautiful!" exclaimed Ravenkit.

"The nearly clear ground is perfect for strategic battles to our advantage," continued Treestar, "The pesky Lakeclan cats are too fat to outrun us. Those stupid Vallyclan cats too weak and not comfortable when not on their own turf. Blazeclan, the shady ones, are out friends, and they certainly know a thing or two about this. Brookclan our special. They fish, but can run due to also eating rabbit. They are tricky ones to outmaneuver. Take note of this knowledge, it will help you later."

"All leaders need a friend, a deputy, who will server the, loyally no matter what. One who they can trust will be the next leader. Someday you will find this person, weather it be a mate, a friend, or family."

" Well Longpaw is a good friend of mine," inputted Ravenkit.

"Yes he is son." agreed Treestar. "But you may find another someday. He is mostly just doing his duties and helping you as we say, but is fine to be friends even so. Now, what can you smell nearby?"

As the group stopped at the wave of Treestar's tail. Ravenkit tried to smell the air. Many animals scents similar to those of fresh-kill, but alive, were vibrant to his nose. He picked up on one strange scent however. He walked over to a bush that was nearby, but then he heard a yowl.

"Ravenkit, step back now!" Treestar cauterwauled, rushing over.

Ravenkit then saw a pair of dark green eyes flash in the book, and a claw flashed out, slicing his nose and cheeks . He staggered back, fumbling over his own paws. Jayeheart and Rustwood nipped him and pulled him back as he writhed in pain.

"What are you doing here Hawkstorm?" Treestar ferociously growled to the cat in the bush. "This is not Lakeclan territory and you most definitely know that as the deputy! And attacking a kit, my son of all kits, isn't nessacary, it is wrong!"

The she-cat in the bushes mewed in amusement. "It is wrong yes, but I had to let you know somehow. Besides, a future warrior, and most definitely leader, needs to learn how to deal with pain, no matter how young."

Ravenkit, now in less pain, lieing down on the ground, was filled to the brim with anger. That rotten deputy! I'm only a kit! She has a point to learning pain but I am too young! I will get her someday for that! The only reason he couldn't speak his thoughts was because his jaw hurt to much.

"Get out of our land while you can!" harshly ordered Tresestar, his tail whipping around in a frenzy."We can forgive this, but not forget. Avoid war while you can."

"Don't you realize it yet?" teased Hakwkstorm. "This already is a war! We are taking your land to further protect our lake's shoreline! Catch me if you can!" The she-cat suddenly fled in an instant, rumbling the bush with great force.

Ravenkit wanted to catch her so badly. In an awkward voice, he said "Father, let me come! Like she said, I need to learn! I can do this!"

Treestar nodded his head, and the patrol sped into action, going after Lakeclan deputy. Ravenkit struggled to keep up, but his training had made him strong. He could do this. When they burst out of the forest upon a border stream, Hawkstorm was sitting there, taunting them. They raced after her to try to get her before she got into the stream, depsite on how futile their attempt would be.

Ravenkit put in an extra burst of power into his muscles, using his anger as fuel, and ran ahead of his clan mates and jumped at Hawkstorm. But at the same time Hawkstorm bounced into the stream, intent on crossing it. Ravenkit's face turned it one of horror. I don't know how to swim yet! We haven't gone over these lessons yet!

He heard his father wail in despair as he met the cold water. He suddenly felt heavier, and as if a great force was pulling him down. He tried to swim, but to no avail. He was then sucked underwater by an underwater current. He saw that Hawkstorm, the expierenced swimmer, had also been caught in the same current. They locked eyes and hers glimmered with fear.

Ravenkit, with a jolt of leg pushes, hooked onto her, his eyes pleading for her to save them both. But she tried to throw him off, trashing wildly. She unsheathed her claws, and flaked her paws towards him. Ravenkit tried to dodge her attacks, moving his own claws at her too.

But then he felt a solid crack on his head as he hit a submerged boulder. His vision immediately went dark on the edges. He saw a mist of red blood in the stream as he thought his claws connected with something made of flesh. It must have been a fish, guessed as his eyesight entered into the void of unconscious., let me live...............

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