1. New School. New Everything

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*Hello anyone who took the time to read this fanfiction. I really appreciate you reading this! This will be a Destiel/Sabriel high school AU! It will probably be mainly fixed on Destiel but I will try to add the same amount of Sabriel! Enjoy this first chapter and please tell me what you though!*

// Castiel's POV

"Cassie." Someone whispered into Castiel Novak's ear.
"Cassie?" They said again. A bit louder. Castiel rolled over away from the sound and sighed.
"Castiel." The voice said sternly. 'Go away' he mentally yelled at them.
"Castiel. Novak. Get up." The voice yelled at him. Castiel groaned and covered his ears. Before he knew it the curtains were swept open and blinding light shown through. Castiel groaned loudly and covered his face with a blanket.
"CASTIEL JIMMY NOVAK! GET THE HELL UP RIGHT NOW DO YOU HEAR ME?! YOU CAN'T BE LATE TO YOUR FIRST DAY!" The person screamed at him and yanked the blanket off his body.
Castiel jerked up quickly and opened his eye. He came face to face with his older sister, Anna. They both glared at each other. Soon enough Anna smiled sarcastically. She began to walk away "Come on Cassie. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes." She said as she walked out of his room.

Castiel sighed and laid back down looking up at the ceiling. A new school. A chance to start his life over.
A few years back, Anna, Gabriel (his younger brother), and himself and moved out of their old home because of their eldest brother, Uriel.

When Castiel was just 6 years old, he and his parents were in a car accident. They were taken to the hospital. However, Castiel's parents died before they arrived. The young boy was the only one to survive. Anna comforted him, telling him it would be alright. Uriel saw differently. As soon as they got home he grabbed Castiel and beat him half to death yelling over and over "YOU STUPID FAGGOT! IT'S YOUR FAULT THEY'RE DEAD! YOU SHOULD'VE DIED!!"

They lived in that awful house for a few years before Anna cracked. She couldn't take it. She began packing all their stuff and stormed out, Uriel following after her.
"WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!" He yanked her hair and screamed.
"We're leaving Uriel. AWAY FROM YOUR SORRY ASS!" She yelled in return.
Castiel grabbed Gabe and took him into the car before running back for Anna. As soon as he did he stopped at what Uriel did. He started laughing. He let Anna go and walked up close to her.
"Fine. Leave. After all I did for you bitches this is how you repay me?! Fine. Go! But I swear if I see that sorry excuse for a brother again. I will kill him."

Castiel held back his tears and covered his face with his pillow. He was glad they left.

A while later, Castiel got out of bed and trudged to the restroom. He glanced at himself in the mirror.
He looked terrible. His eyes were red and puffy. His hair looked like a bird's nest on one side and flat on the other. He washed his face and tamed his hair the best he could before walking back into his room to get dressed.

Castiel looked through his drawers and pulled out a white dress shirt, jeans, and a blue tie. Once he finished he slipped on his usual trench coat and walked down stairs towards the kitchen.

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