Shadows 5

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Y/n POV*

I wake up in a dark room and when I try to get up, I feel hand cuffs on my hands and feet... Now I'm panicking, so I start talking my foot to the other cuff on my foot and it breaks, seems like this handcuffs are very old... I finally get my hands free and now I'm feeling so much anger like something I couldn't explain.

I get up and try to feel my way around and the smell of the room is just terrible.... I find a light and I flip the switch... The room was covers in blood and some organs on the floor and a kidney on the table that was once beside me, so I get closer to the table and it looks like someone took a bite out of the kidney, I check if that was my kidney but it wasn't..

"Thank goodness" I say gladly, I turn around and head for the door and it was locked and I'm panicking and the first thing I do is run over to the table to look for a weapon but nothing, it was like someone knew I was going to look.

The door handle was being wiggled then turned, so I run toward the door so I can hide behind it while it was being opened. I felt prepared to attack or sneak out. The door opened and a person with a blue mask walked in and headed for the table.

"What? Slender said someone would be here" the blue masked person said

I make my way out the door and I made it! I got a feeling there was more people, so I stayed close to the walls and in the shadows. After like 2 minutes of just moving slow, I arrive at the kitchen and it smells like death. i keep walking until...

"going somewhere?" a manly voice said as he tapped me.


sorry it was sort, i was tying yesterday and it had like 1000 words typed but it didnt save, so next chapter im gonna type from my phone - my phone wont charge so im on my stupid comuter.... ALSO TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD ADD TO MY NEXT STORY AND WHAT I SHOULD WORK ON AND MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANNA BE IN MY STORY JUST GIVE ME 1 REASON WHY AND YOUR IN! IF YOU MAKE IT JUST SAY WHO YOU WANNA BE!

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