The eye piercing my soul

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He is going to kill me!

The sound of flesh connecting with something hard filled the room, it was a massive wet skin breaking sound.

My eyes where squeezed too hard, the pain, I could almost taste it in the air.

My screams turned into a low whimper.

Another harsh sound vibrated through the room. The sound of his flesh hitting the wall next to my ear, again, and again, and again, made me sick to my stomach.

I slowly rose from my hunched form, my eyes peeping through the tiny cracks inbetween my fingers as I took him in.

Anger and pain twisted his handsome face into something terrible, something out of my darkest nightmares.

I turned my head, and faced the sick wet sound to my left. His fist smacked repeatedly against a crimson painted spot on the wall. I watched as his blood trailed downwards, watched as it tarnished the pure whiteness.

«P.. Please stop..» I begged, my eyes unable to tear away from his fist as he rammed it hard against the concrete surface. Every new swing driven by the same relentless force as the very first one.

«Please stop!» I shrieked at him, he made no move to stop, no move to show that he had even heard me.

My trembling tear covered hand left the skin of my cheek, and pressed itself back against the warm crimson stain on the wall. His unyielding fist flew towards the palm of my hand, towards the soft flesh blocking its path to destruction.

I stopped breathing as I braced myself for the onslaught of pain. I closed my eyes painfully hard again, I couldnt stomach watching his fist crush my own hand.

I dont know why I tried to stop him from hurting himself, I only knew that I had to do it, I couldnt just stand there and watch anymore.

Fuck! Just move your hand out of the way. He is going to crush you! Break you! You dont owe him anything! He is a monster, he deserves this, this and so much more! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

His fist connected with the palm of my hand. The touch of his blood soaked skin was soft against my own, it was gentle. He tilted his fist in the palm of my hand, and opened it, the tips of his fingers slowly caressing me as he pressed his own palm against mine. He intertwined is hand with my own, and tilted my head up with his other hand.

His lips found my own in a desperate harsh kiss. His teeth bit down on my lip as he devoured me, his tongue plunged inside as I gasped at the sudden onslaught.

He broke the kiss just as fast as he had initiated it, and rested his forehead against mine. Our breaths mingled, as we gasped for air.

«Please stop forcing my hand love.» His voice sent shivers down my spine.

I did not know what to reply, so I just stood still, the silence stretching between us untill he himself filled it.

«You cant make me hurt you, no matter how hard you try.» I opened my eyes at this, and stared into his crazed dark orbes.

«So what... are your just going to hurt someone else instead... or yourself?» I whispered, acutely aware of the warm blood smeard inbetween the palms of our hands.

«Yes, if that is what it takes. Hell I would gladly fetch a whipping girl if that is what it would take to make you behave.» His velvet voice felt like a noose around my neck.

«A what?» I squeaked. Pictures of a girl smacking a black leather whip against my back, flitted across my inner eye. He would get someone else to hit me in his stead, keeping his own dirty hands clean?

«A whipping girl.» He slowly drawled. «It is a girl I would rob from her home, and keep down here. A girl I would savagely punish for your misbehavior. A girl I would force you to watch as she  bleeds in your sted.»

I felt faint, like I might fall to the ground in a heep of bones and skin.

«You wouldnt do that!» I uttered, the very consept of someone else being tortured because of my actions bled my soul. The previous jarring sound of torture had made me want to die, the thought of getting a visual as well as the audio terrified me. The thought that another person would live that horror because of me, haunted me, it would follow be beyond the grave.

«But I would love. I would bleed the whole fucking world for you, I would slaughter them all if that made you stay by my side.» His words stole my breath away, stole my hope. His sick, twisted words matched the crazed look in his eyes.

«Please dont.» I broke, my back sliding down the wall as my legs gave out.

He held me up, his hands repositioning themselves at my sides.

«I wont, that is if you promise yourself to me, if you behave, if you stay.» His soft voice coaxed against my lips, urging me to sell my soul to him, or pay the price with someone elses blood.

«I....I....» My breath came fast. What words do you even use to sell your soul to death himself? Because living with someone elses blood on my hands was not an option, it would rob me of the very essense that made me into me. It would slowly make me rot, the putrid decay would start in my heart, and work its way out.

My eyes bleed into his as I finaly settled on the words I would use to convey the things he needed to hear. Three small words, and yet so very, very hard to say out loud.

«I will stay.»

My stomach twisted at the wrongness that assaulted my eyes, at the bliss lighting up his frightening face. It was wrong, the sight before me was just so very, very wrong. Joy transformed the monster before me into the most glorious of angels, a sight made for sore eyes. He was so beautiful that it hurt to watch him.

«You have no idea how happy hearing those words have made me.» His voice was like music gliding through the room, a balad made just for me.

I didnt answer him, just stared into his glowing eyes.

«Lets go upstairs and eat some dinner, since its already way past breakfast and lunch.» He pulled me into his arms, careful as he cradled me against his muscled chest.

I guess the torture had lasted a very long time if its already time for dinner. Im losing touch with time, I numbly mused as he stepped through the doorway, and into the hall beyond. My eyes settled on the open door in front of us. I peered inside like a moth drawn to a flame, destined to be burned.

My mind struggled to make sense of the scarlet mess in front of me, trying to piece the bits together, to make sense of something best left unseen.

«Close your eyes love, sleep will elude you tonight if you dont, your sweet dreams will become harrowing nightmares instead.» He whispered, his breath tickling against my ear.

I didnt heed his warning, I just couldnt look away.

My eyes fixed themselves to a round white ball, it was stabbed through the middle, fastened to the table by something shiny, by a skalpel I soon realized. It was swimming in a crimson pool of blood, with bits of meaty chunks scattered about. The ball stared at me, a beautiful ring of sea green colour around a black circle. He was right, I would not be able to sleep tonight. The image was already burned into my retinas, it would never fade away. He walked down the hallway, leaving the sight behind, nightmares following in his wake.

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