The eye piercing my soul

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Not a single word left his mouth as he carried me down into the basement, nor as he opened the door to my cell, and dropped me harshly down onto the cold concrete floor.

I turned around, my wide sore eyes trembled before his cold hard gaze. He slammed the door in my face, abruptly cutting the connection between us. He hadnt said a single word to me, but he didnt have to, his eyes had said it all. He would be back, and when he came he would not be gentle, my disobedience would cost me dearly.

I stood perfectly still, my eyes glued to the door. Dread filled me up, one torturous drop at a time.

There is no escape, no way to leave, no way to flee from what is to come. Im stuck.

Suddenly a piercing shriek stabbed its way through the silence. It echoed in the hall beyond the door in front of me. It was a womans terrified wail. The sound was so horribel, so soul crushing to have to listen to. I had never heard anything like it before, and I prayed to the gods that I never would hear something even remotly like it ever again. It didnt stop, the jaw breaking sound just kept on stabbing me. She was screaming so loud, not even stopping to catch her breath, the horribel sound left her throat even as she inhaled. There where no words formed, no cries for mercy, just one continuous shriek of pure terror and pain.

My trembling hands pressed hard against my ears, as I sank down, kneeling on the hard floor. Rocking back and forth as I desperatly tried to shut out the sound. My heart and ears bled for the poor woman, and her shrieks soon became my own, as I formed the words she could not.

«Please stop, please make it stop, please, please, please, MAKE IT STOP!»

Tears streamed down my face, as I tried to stop my mind from picturing what was happening right across the hallway, what was happening on the other side of that door. I did not want to know what he was doing, what his hands where doing to elicit such pure terror, what horrors she felt, horrors worse than death itself.

I flay people, tear away their soft flesh, make them beg for mercy, beg for death. His sick confession rolled around in my mind in sync with the awful beat of her shrieks. Her voice sounded raw, like her throat should be bleeding and covered in open festering lacerations.

Make it stop! Please, please, just make it STOP!

And it did, suddenly everything went quiet, deadly quiet.

«Fuck!» The boom of his voice broke through the wall of silence.

I scrambled to my feet, and away from the door, creating as much space between us as humanly possible.

My back hit the cold concrete wall behind me. I gasped for air as my eyes fixed themselves upon the only door in the room, just waiting for the monster to arrive, waiting for him to make me scream.

The door slammed against the wall, and he came into view, his huge mass filling the open doorway. I realized with a start that he hadnt even bothered to lock the door in the first place, I had been so consumed by fear that I hadnt noticed it untill now.

He stalked over to me, I tried to push myself back into the hard wall with each new step he took. His towering form stopped right in front of me, blocking my escape.

He just stood there, the heavy silence unnerved me, forced my head to tilt up. I braced myself to meet the stone cold killer which I had previously seen when his pleasant mask had slipped. My eyes did not meet that cold monster, my eyes met a scalding hot fury instead. Bryans eyes burned me, the promise of pain etched into his cinnamon orbs.

My eyes widened, as I watched his fist draw back. His mask twisted into something ugly, into something filled with malice. I screamed as the fist came forward at full force, my hands flew up, covering the soft skin of my face.

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