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HER POWERS WERE DEPLETED, BUT SHE WASN'T GOING TO LET THAT STOP HER FROM DOING WHAT SHE PROMISED. Giselle had her back pressed against the wall of the balcony as she stared off at the Wakandan wooded area around them. Her blonde hair was tangled as she knotted her slim fingers through it, attempting to detangle it, but she failed. A gasp left her lips as she pulled her fingers from her knotted hair and she shook her head as she wrapped her arms around her legs. The Caster had a lot of work on her hands, and she didn't know how long it was going to take her to find them.

Glimpsing over her shoulder, she watched as everyone was resting up from what had gone down. It didn't matter how much time had passed since Thanos erased half of the universe, everyone was still exhausted from it all. Giselle inhaled deeply as she sat there quietly, the only thing she could hear truly was the singing of the birds.

As she sat there, Charlotte Rogers appeared in the doorway. The woman glanced down at the Caster, pressing her lips together as she watched the woman truly struggle with her abilities and what was going on around them. She couldn't even pretend to know what Giselle was going through. She couldn't even imagine what it took of her to just push herself into the unknown world where all of the other Avengers were thrown away. If there was one thing that was constantly on Charlotte's mind, it was if Bucky was alright.

She was struggling without her husband there with her, and she knew that their daughter would need him around. Charlotte wanted nothing more than for her husband to return, and for the love of her brother's life, as well as everyone else, to return. The damage had been done, but if the Caster in front of her had the ability to bring them all back, she would do anything.

Charlotte stepped over the threshold and onto the balcony, taking a seat on the floor beside her. Giselle didn't turn her head to look at the woman beside her, she just continued to stare in front of her. The Caster could tell that there was something on her mind and that she wanted to let it out. And Giselle wanted her to. The Caster wanted the woman to tell her what was wrong, but she didn't know how to.

"I know what you are going through is hard," Charlotte spoke to her softly, finally earning the woman's attention. Giselle pressed her lips together as they looked at each other, before giving her a small smile. Charlotte bit down on her lower lip, before giving her a nod. "If you are not strong enough to go back into that Realm, don't feel like you need to. None of us would pressure you into going back there if it drains you so much."

"No," Giselle stopped her from continuing, and Charlotte tilted her head to the side, giving her a confused look. "I made a promise to help you all reconnect with your loved ones, and I wish to, too. Mantis... she understood me when none of the other Guardians, or even Alaska, could. She knew what it was like to be... different. And that's what I am, different. And seeing how badly the rest of you are affected, I want nothing more than to help you."

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