13.Fight! Fight! Fight!

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I looked towards the entrance and saw Shawn, grinning like an idiot, the whole problem why I had my mini breakdown,my veins started to pop out my neck and my fists were clenched, I could feel my anger in my eyes.I looked towards Camila, and she was too busy talking to Jessica, Dinah and Lauren, I looked towards Zayn and he was too busy with Kevin and Justin.I slowly got up and made my way towards Shawn, this prick won't get away now!

Camila's POV
Me, Dinah, Lauren and Jessica were all engaged in convosation and I placed my hand on an empty chair? Where was Y/N? I looked around and saw her storming towards Shawn, oh no!

Zayn POV
Me and the boys saw Camila looking around and her eyes grew wide as she looked towards Shawn's direction, I followed her view and saw Y/N storming up to him, ohhhhh shit I quickly got up and the boys followed.

" You think you can fuck with me pretty boy!" I shouted while pushing Shawn, I could smell the cigarettes on his breath as he breathed heavily and he looked stupid high, " don't fucking come near my girl you little shit!" My fist connected with his jaw and he stumbled back" baby just leave him, he's not worth it!" I heard Camila say while grabbing my arm, I managed to get out her grasp and come back face to face with Shawn " only cause I can treat her better!" He shouted back while punching my hip, at this point there was a crowd forming around us and they started chanting "fight!Fight!Fight!" I speared him to the ground and straddled him "Don't punch Ever punch come near my girl punch or touch her punch or punch I'll fucking kill you!" Shawn managed to get out my grasp and punch my eye. As I groaned in pain, I felt a pair of arms around my waist pull me back "let me go!" I shouted "Camila hold her back!" I heard Zayn shout, I felt arms let go of me and felt Camila's arms around my waist trying to calm me down , suddenly I saw Zayn, Kevin and Justin all beating the shit out of Shawn " Y/N baby calm down!" Camila started caressing me face and trying to calm me down but I couldn't, when anger is inside you its powerful, I tried getting out of her grasp but I couldn't, suddenly I felt really light headed and my vision was all blurry, all I could see was black.

Camila's POV
I felt Y/N collapse into me " baby baby!" I shouted trying to get her to wake up." Guys!Guys she's not waking up!" I shouted quickly.Zayn,Kevin and Justin all looked up from beating up Shawn and scurried over towards us along with the girls, Shawn saw this as a chance to leave with haste."Guys we have to get her out of here!Her mom is gonna explode, Zayn we'll take her to my place and I'll text her mum from her phone saying that she's staying at mine!" I quickly stated. I felt her neck for her pulse and couldn't feel anything, " please baby!" I whispered then suddenly I felt her pulse, I breathed out in relief.I thought I lost my everything. "Okay guys she's okay i think she's just fainted cause she took a pretty bad blow to the head", i said while getting all my stuff "you guys can head home I'll take take care of her, my parents aren't home and my little sister is at her friends house!" I exclaimed "are you sure?" They all asked "yes I'm sure!" I replied." I'll carry her to my car and drive, and you can get in the back!" Zayn quickly said.I wasted no time in getting Y/N out of there, all our friends started heading home while the rest of the school started rushing out.

We were in Zayn's car, he was driving while I was in the back with Y/N and her head was on my lap " You're okay baby!" I said while kissing her forhead over and over again." She'll be okay Camila", Zayn said, he was trying his best to calm me down and I appreciate it but I just want my baby to wake up."She's a strong girl Camila", he added.

The next morning....

"I love you Shawn", i heard Camila say to him while kissing him, I came out from the corner what the fu-

I woke up startled with sweat on my forhead breathing heavily in and out, I looked around taking in the surroundings, this looked like Camila's bedroom? What the fuck am i doing in Camila's bedroom? All I can remember from last night was getting beat up by Shawn and Zayn pulled me back, awww he kept his promise by jumping in and literally beating the shit out of Shawn.A smile was planted on my face "hey sleepyhead', I heard Camila say, I looked towards her bedroom door and saw her leaning against the door frame with a glass of water." Hey," I replied with a slight smile," What happened? After the fight with Shawn? I saw her smile slightly fade " urmmm you blacked out and me and Zayn brought you to my place, don't worry I texted your mom of your phone saying you were staying at mine", she said while walking over to me, I nodded and looked under the blanket and realised I was wearing a black tank top and shorts " Thanks for the clothes babe", I said sitting up and taking the glass of water from her, I looked at her and she was hiding a slight blush, I chuckled and said " I'm guessing you enjoyed changing me!" She blushed even harder " your tits are massive!" She replied while laughing.I shook my head at her response and opened my arms " cuddle?" She didn't waste anytime and jumped in bed with me, and that's how most of my morning went, having my lover in my arms.

I did my morning stuff, you know the usual, then me and Camila were sitting on her couch and I was getting ready to go " Urrmm Camila, are you gonna talk to Shawn again?" I asked her while tying my shoe laces well they're Camila's shoes " no babe, course not, not after what he did to you", she replied.I looked her straight in the eye and I don't know what it was but it didn't feel right, I shrugged it off and carried on tying my shoes. "Alright babe I'm off, thanks for the clothes and shoes!" I said chuckling, I gave her a kiss and walked out the front door heading home, my god it was a long night.

Shawn POV
I was healing my bruises, I would've beat Y/N if her dickhead friends didn't come in the way, that wasteman Zayn.I'm not done with you Y/N, not yet, Camila is still in my reach.

I was chilling at home until I forgot to tell Zayn something.

To:MyMainZayn 💙
Hey Zayn, I just wanna say thank you for last night you really did keep your promise :)

I smiled at the fact that Zayn really did fight for me and he didn't let Shawn get away.

From:MyMainZayn 💙
No problem sis, I would never let a idiot like him hurt you, although you took some pretty hard hits, I'm happy your okay :)

I smiled at his comment, how is he still single I don't understand. I changed into my gym clothes it was a Sunday so I thought why not go gym? I put Camila clothes in the wash and changed into some leggings and a training shirt.

I was doing some pull ups and started doing some boxing, suddenly I saw someone walk into the gym, I squinted my eyes cause I thought I recognized them, wait a minute isn't that...Lauren? I walked over to her and tapped her shoulder and as she turned around she smiled " Lauren? I didn't know you go gym!" I exclaimed quite surprised " Urrmm Yeh I just started", she said " you should've told me!" I said taking a swing of my water bottle and getting it all over my shirt "Oh shit!" I shouted, I quickly took of my shirt leaving me in a sports bra and I could've sworn I saw Lauren biting her lip, but I shrugged it off.
"Urrmm Y/N I was wondering if maybe...we could train together?" She asked me, it was almost like she was afraid of me saying no " of course Lauren!" I replied "I would love to!So let's not waste anytime!"

Lauren's POV
I have a crush on Y/N straight up, and like I understand that she loves Camila and I'm so happy for them but after that incident with Shawn I just felt like she shouldn't be cheated on and hopefully Camz doesn't break her heart, man seeing Y/N doing all these exercises is making me wet. God I need to stop!

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