Part 2 - Chapter 6 - First Day on the Set

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Denholm and I stepped from the Waldorf at five-thirty. The sun hadn't yet crested the eastern mountain range, but the cloudless sky foretold another blistering day in the high desert. We made our way toward Pat Dieter's tent.

We both wore white golf shirts emblazoned with a Four Diamonds Security patch over the breast pocket. I wasn't hungry this early and stuck a couple of yogurt bars in my shirt pocket for later. I wondered if Hailee was getting enough to eat for breakfast.

Pat waited for us along with three golf carts. "Morning, gentlemen. Both of you will be assigned a cart. I have my own and will lead the way to Ms. Morgan's trailer. I'll be on and off the set during shooting attending to business, but if you need anything and can't find me, just give me a call."

Pat climbed onto his golf cart. "Follow me." He drove off.

A minute later, we parked outside a plain-looking trailer that I assumed was Hailee's. Pat knocked on her door.

Brett Slade opened and peered out. He wore a bathrobe. "You're prompt."

"Is our sleeping beauty ready?" Pat asked.

"She's up and dressed. Don't know about ready. Give us a minute." He closed the door.

Pat glanced at his watch and drummed his fingers against the dashboard of his golf cart. A minute turned into five, but eventually the door opened.

Hailee flitted out wearing a tee-shirt and short gym shorts with sneakers. Her tanned and toned legs were even more perfect than what I remembered from Trent's poster.

"I'll come visit you in a few hours, love," Brett said. He disappeared back inside the trailer.

Hailee caught sight of us. Her eyes lingered on me, and she smiled. "Pat, I see you've arranged quite an entourage for me."

"Listen up," Pat said, "these two men are your personal security detail. From the time you step out of your trailer in the morning to the time they escort you back, you will follow their instructions. Capiche?"

She waved him off. "Yeah, I know the drill."

"This is Sing and Denholm."

Hailee focused on me and tilted her head. "Sing? You're my bodyguard?"

I couldn't help smiling at her surprised look. "Ready for duty with my tag to the back."

She giggled.

"Am I missing something here?" Denholm asked. "Have you two already met?"

I ignored him. The man kept so many secrets from me that I loved being able to pay him back. The frown on his face told me that I'd have some explaining to do. Later.

"Nice to meet you, Denholm," Hailee said.


She bypassed Denholm and slid in to the passenger seat of my golf cart which made my day.

"Follow me," Pat said.

As we headed to the film set, I noticed how the tent city had come alive and buzzed with activity. People wandered around working on equipment and loading up carts. Smoke floated above the grill fans at the catering tent. The aroma of bacon hung in the air.

Glancing at Hailee, I asked, "Did you eat a decent breakfast?"

She looked at the floor of the cart and went quiet.

I reached into my shirt pocket and handed her a yogurt bar. "Eat."

Hailee studied me. "You brought this just for me, didn't you?"

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