XVII - Sabbats: Lammas

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Lammas is one of the eight Sabbats.

- Other names: Lughnasadh (LOO-nah-sah), First Harvest, August Eve.

- Date: August 1st (Northern Hemisphere), February 2nd (Southern Hemisphere).

- For some Lughnasadh is the beginning of Autumn, while for some it is later on Mabon.

- There are three Harvest Festivals – Lammas, Mabon, and Samhain. The Autumn is a time when most harvest is reaped, and as agriculture was central in our ancestors' lives, they celebrated the harvest with festivals. All three Harvest festivals have different foods associated with them, as different plants were ripe at different times: Lughnasadh for grain, Mabon for fruit, and Samhain for nuts and berries. The three Harvests are for us to show thankfulness for not only food, but everything we have in our lives.

- The second half of the year the light starts waning and darkness takes over again. Lammas is still sunny and warm, but we already notice how the Earth and the Sun are slowly preparing for rest. This half of the year is no longer to celebrate new life – now we observe death in nature, but we shouldn't lose hope, because with death comes the promise of rebirth always.

- Reflect on the phrase "reaping what you've sown" and how it relates to all areas of your life.

- Symbolism and meaning: abundance, change, generosity, harvest, prosperity, thankfulness, transformation.

- Colors: bronze, brown, gold, green, orange, red, yellow.

- Symbols: acorns, corn, corn dolls, cornflowers, fruits, grains, grapes, honey, marigolds, onion garlands, poppies, scythe, straw braids, sunflowers, vegetables, wheat stalks, wine.

- Stones: amber, aventurine, carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, peridot, rhodochrosite, sardonyx, tiger's eye, yellow topaz, tourmaline.

- Incense: allspice, aloes, apple blossoms, blackberry, carnation, frankincense, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, vanilla.

- Herbs: ash, barley, blackberry, fern, heather, hollyhock, juniper, marjoram, meadowsweet, mint, oats, rye, sunflower, thyme, wheat.

- Foods & drinks: apples, berries, breads, cheeses, cider, corn, fruits, grains, herbal teas, herbs, jelly, nuts, oats, pie, potatoes, turnips, vegetables.

- Spells recommended for Lammas: prosperity, generosity, honoring ancestors, reflection, success, thankfulness, transformation.

- Animals associated with Lammas: calf, centaur, chicken, deer, griffin, lamb, phoenix, rooster, sheep, stag,

Lammas activities and ways to celebrate:
• Walk through the fields, orchards, and forests, or spend time along springs, creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes reflecting on the bounty  of the Earth (and the God and the Goddess if you have any). You can gather flowers and other goodies for your altar and house decoration.

• Bake some bread – super traditional Lammas food. Offer some to your friends, family, neighbors, and perhaps take some to a homeless shelter. Bread is simple and inexpensive to make, so you can make a lot and give it away.

• If you have a spring or well in your area, bless it and decorate it with flowers.

• Do Magic to help you finish long-standing projects by the fall.

• If you have your own garden, harvest the first crops/fruits.

• Save and plant the seeds from the fruits consumed during the feast or ritual. If they sprout, grow the plant or tree with love and as a symbol of your connection with the Lord and Lady and/or the Earth.

• If the Sabbat falls on a rainy day, you could collect rainwater in a glass or earthenware container, add dried mugwort, and use it to empower objects.

• Create and bury a Witch's Bottle. This is a glass jar with sharp pointy things inside to keep away harm. You can use needles, pins, thorns, thistles, nails, and bits of broken glass; it's a good way to dispose of broken crockery, old sewing equipment, and the pins that come in new clothes. Bury it near the entry to the house (like next to the driveway or the front door), or inside a large planter.

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