Chapter One

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"Once upon a time, there were twelve kingdoms. All kingdoms were strong and powerful... They loved peace and were kind. Except two Kingdom Valona and Zodia. They hated everyone. They wanted to rule all the twelve kingdoms. Both of them don't have good relations with the other kingdoms. And both were true enemies of each other and wanted to massacre each other... The other kingdoms were anxious of them. People were afraid of them, not from them, but of their fierce, strong, powerful... And horrible powers... Which was increasing day by day..."

"But one day, a little, small, tiny, minute or whatever small! Princess was born in the kingdom of Zodia. And at the same day the prince was born in the kingdom Valona...." I am muddled. 'What?'

I perused the paragraph again because this doesn't completed my sense, "What! Unbelievable! This writer is making me fool! I have ruined my important ten minutes to read this disgusted book! This book is Mumbo jumbo. This writer can't do this." I was calm for a foolish start, 'Once upon a time.' I am glowering the book. I am not feeling good.

Because this nonsense book is making me fool, I'm making vexed eyes and put that book on the table while making a gorgeous sound. I know what will happen next. The princess and prince grow up. The princess will be very beautiful as always written in other stories. And Then they will meet at a place. The princess will be in trouble and the Prince will save her. They will fall into love. But the main obstacle will be their father. Huh!

 I am making irate face.

I am sitting on a soft, bland, comfortable, tufted sofa. And trying to be balmy with my beautiful imagination. 

Dance as though no one is watching, love as though you have never been hurt, sing as no one can hear you and live though heaven is on earth. These are my basic rules which makes me comfortable and happy. And believe I am happy in my life. I enjoy this world every day, every minute, every second as I will not get this life again.

I am looking forward and looking the view of the open sky. 

And one more thing, there is nothing so much better than a comfortable sofa and coffee. This is the peace of life. Imagine if the whole world becomes quiet, calm and make noiseless sound. And you are relished while seeing the beauty of nature of this beautiful world, feel the fragrance, the din of beautiful birds, the cool wind just blowing here and there. Feel just feel it.

I am trying to ponder my imagination. I am still thinking and smiled a little.

Wow... So relaxing...

I am whiffing the fragrance in the air. And clasped my hands.

Then in my calm imagination someone intercept. That sound was very irritating, which makes my mood worse. Worse than that book. The sound is like something is hitting the floor slowly. I can't bear when someone makes the calm world ballyhoo. And that sound is coming continuously. Which enforced me to check out who is the perky.

I opened my beautiful, attractive, pretty, deep as ocean, sky blue eyes and started glowering the person, who is right behind me.The most fierce person. 

And even after seeing him I turned a blind eye. And started looking surrounding. And then I got attracted toward the rabble of some servants and that mob included some ballyhoo slaves and retainer.

I started pondering, What's going on out there? 

I fully slipped my mind that someone is standing in  front of me.

 I started gazing the rabble. How surprising that they are totally ignoring a princess not coarse princess, but a beautiful, wise, pious, calm and gentle princess. A princess out of this world. I am really amazed. 

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