Jasper thanks for killing me <3

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I sat in the back of the car as jasper and alice talked over someting i didn't care about. I had my headphones in and blaring when jasper slamed on the brakes. A sharp skreach came out of my mouth before everything went out like a light. a few hours later i woke up in a room i didn't reconize, and i was starving. i walked around looking for the steps. after tripping down the stairs i found jasper in a small room with a chair and a coffee table. i leaned over and taped him on the shoulder once. Jasper jumped up and beared his teeth at me. i staggered back aginst the wall while he hissed at me repeatedly.

"Jasper what the hell is wrong with you? Wait did you just hiss at me?" i hissed at him then drooped to the floor, my lungs were killing me. I looked like a fish out of water. He helped me up and handed me a cup of something thick. i sniffed it in hesitation, guessing it was ok i poured it all in my mouth and swollowed in one gulp. the warm coppery liquid felt nice. i looked at Jasper. "hello Mr. are you going to tell me what is up? and how come i dont reconize this place? Where's Alice and Edwardo?"

"Slow dwon it;s okay. deep breath. are you relaxed cuz your going to need to be if you wanna take in what i have to say."

"What the hell is that supossed to mean." i took a deep breath then sat on the floor. i had a feeling that i was going to need to sit for this one. "okay sorry i'm calm."

"geat, now um... how do i put it? Well i slamed on the brakes of the car, you were in the back with no seatbelt; for the record i told you to wear one. but when i hit the breaks you went flying out the window right in to a truck. almost dead and nothisg to do me and alice improviesed." he looked kind of nervous and well he had beads of sweat coming down his neck.

"Wait what do you mean improvised?"

"Alice and and the rest of the family are vampires. i wanteed to tell you but they wouldn't let me. they said it'd put you in danger. anyways back on topic alice said that if we were to keep you then something had to be done so we changed you."

"What do you mean changed me?"i was getting kind of scared but i stayed where i was and kept my eyes on him. hiding the chaos going on in my mind which was kind of hard cuz he always knew when something was up.

"We made you a vampire." he gave a small sympithetic smile then held out his hand as if knowing i wanted to get up. i grabbed his hand and walked out of the room. now in a small room i turned to him and started to cry. he got down on the floor and held me close trying to sooth my pain and wipe away any tears.

"why didnt you tell me this earlier? things wouldn't have changed you'd still be Jasper and the rest of your family too."

"yeah, im sorry i didnt tell you but Carlile thought it be best if i didn't."

"Why is that i think we all know that it dosen't matter where i am i'll always be in danger." i pushed him with my fingers lightly and he fell over. i laughed then he laughed and soon we were both lying on the floor laughing so hard that we were crying.

When we got over our fit of laughter we took a walk while jasper explained to me all i need to know about his secret life and my new one.

"okay first things first hunting. we only hunt animals so lets see how well you do" he winked then looked down i folloed his gaze to realize that i had on a pale blue silk dress and heels on. no wonder i tripped comming down the stairs. i giggeld the said "let's get going shall we"

"We shall. now follow me oh and never go for the scent that smells intoxicating its humands and we dont do that if we did we'd look like you right now." i stared at him for a moment.

"hey no fair i didn't get a choice." i smiled "oh well time to get some contac right?"

"you bet sugar" he winked one last time then ran into the woods i followed closely on his heels. i watched as he siffed the air. i didn't need to sniff i could hear the heart beats of my pray. i could feel the relaxation they felt. i ran to the sound of fresh beating hearts and drank quickly and savagely till the beast was completely on any fluids. still a little hungery i grab one more animal. in mid hunt i smelt the sweet taste of red liguid flowing faslt and steady through the being. at the scent of it i snaped out of control to force myself to calm i drained my prey and ran back to jasper who looked kind of worried.

"Hey are you okay? Jasper Whats wrong?"

"I smelt a human while you were hunting. i figured you'd gone at it but i still smell it. What happened how could you have avoided killing or even tasteing the human? it's almost as if..." he stoped mid sentance and looked at me i looked down my blue silk dress still in tact and my shoes missing. "how the hell you manage to lose your shoes but not get even a drop of blood on you dress?" he looked puzzeled from what i could see.

"Stop asking me so many fing questions. God jasper if you dont have the answer to your questions how the hell do you expect me to have an answer?"

he just stood there and looked at me. i got tired of it so i grabed him grabed his keys and headed to the car. "Here you take the keys and start driving Mister or you'll be in a world of hurt when we get home."

"olay okay Miss. pushy

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