Sexy, Sensual, Grown {2}

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NORMANI laughed harder than ever in front of Blair's camera as he made joke after joke while snapping pictures of his friend. The two are always like this no matter what they are doing, but tonight Blair was being more goofy than ever. To Normani, she just thought he was in an even better mood than he's usually in. To Blair though, it was him giving his best act at being normal around the half naked girl. The whole time they were doing pictures, he couldn't help but stare at her and just imagine so many things. Things that he shouldn't be imagining about someone he sees as family. Or so he says. He just couldn't help it, she was here, wearing that and it made him almost insane. He did the best he could at making this not awkward, which obviously wasn't a problem for Normani. Blair felt as if he'd have a heart attack around the girl, so he hurried to get as many pictures as he could without trying to seem off in any way. He wanted to get out of here, go home, take a nice cold shower, and sleep until he had to get up in the morning to finish taking more pictures. More pictures that the girl would be naked for by the way.


He thought. It shiver went down his spine as another thought crossed his mind.

I have to get out of here before I combust.

"BLAIR!" Normani yelled towards her dozed off Friend. She felt as though he'd been acting the tiniest bit off tonight, but then he'd be joke around with her and the thought left, until he would zone out again leaving her to think she wasn't so wrong. They had been successful in getting lot of pictures and she was satisfied with all of them. Some she was even satisfied enough to post to her social media. She knew she'd only share two or three with her fans possibly, while she would keep the rest to herself for no reason other than to be selfish and piss off the Nation. Then laugh at them, as if them being agitated with her lack of social media presence and lack of music out, is something that is funny. That is another topic for another time though. She was happy with tonights process. But that wasn't surprising, seeing as though Blair could always get thing done in a reasonable time and he could capture her like no one else could. Her beautiful glowing skin, her beautiful brown eyes, her perfect full lips, her untamed and cute brows, her perfectly shaped nose. All of it, he captured her like no other, like she was perfect. Either that or she was just such a beautiful woman that she looked heavenly every time a camera was pointed at her.

The two were finishing up for the night and her friend started to slowly go off into space the closer to finishing they'd gotten.

"What?" He questioned her, she rolled her eyes and smiled. "Why do you keep zoning out tonight, what's up?" She question him back. Blair looked down to the floor before looking back up at his friend.

"Nothing, I'm cool. Why?" Normani looked at him with a raised brow, not believing him one bit, but she let it go. He obviously didn't want to talk about it. She would bring it up tomorrow though.

"Never mind, um ... you wanna take a few more or are you ready to pack up?" She asked him. Blair wanted to on one hand stay, but on the other knew he shouldn't. He knew it was best to just go home tonight and come back tomorrow, this time he would be prepared.

"Yeah, I'm gonna head home. I'm kinda tired." He said as he eyed the girl in a now red lingerie set. Normani nodded and got up to head to her room, Blair following behind her. He tried not look at her behind but he couldn't help it. It was there and out. He silently sighed and rolled his eyes at himself.

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