Paint Me (Jaehyun)

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Jaehyun walked into the weekly art class he signed up for.  He wasn't terribly artistic, but working with paints relaxed him.  He could slap anything on that blank canvas, and it'd lift the stress from his shoulders.  It wasn't easy being an engineering major.  

The teacher stood in the front of the class with someone new.  Your hair was tied back loosely with a bow.  You almost looked like a character out of a fairytale.  Your features were soft, so delicate that you looked like you could be shattered any moment.

"This is Y/N.  She'll be joining our art class as of today," the teacher spoke up.  "Do you have a favorite art style, Y/N?"

You shook your head.  "I'm open to trying anything."

Jaehyun smirked.

"There's an open spot right next to Jaehyun.  Jaehyun, raise your hand, please."

Jaehyun stuck his hand in the air, and you met his intimidating gaze.  Slowly, you made your way over to your seat, a blank canvas sitting in front of you.  You snuck another glance at Jaehyun.  He looked almost like a prince to you.  He didn't seem like the type of guy to be into something that took a lot of time and patience, like art.

"Am I that attractive that you need to keep staring at me?" Jaehyun asked you, and your face turned bright red like the color you were mixing on your palette.  

You turned to face your canvas, filling in the sketch with some colors.  Soon enough, you were lost in the curves of your painting, every inch of the canvas needing your attention.  While you worked, you completely blocked everything out, so you had no idea the prince next to you had all your attention.

Jaehyun mixed his colors, carefully bringing his work of art to life on the canvas in front of him.  The two hours flew by fast, and when he stood back to admire his work, he realized he had been painting you.  

You smiled at the stormy sea you created on your canvas, and then you looked over to see what Jaehyun had been working on, and you dropped your palette, paint splattering everywhere.

The teacher rushed over.  "Y/N, are you okay?"

You nodded.  "It slipped," you lied.  

The teacher laughed.  "Awww, it happens to the best of us.  Unfortunately, I can't stay back and help you clean up because I have another place I need to be.  Jaehyun, do you think you can lock up for me today?"

Jaehyun smiled and nodded.  "Of course!  Go ahead and take care of what you need to."

The teacher left, leaving the two of you alone in the art room.

You slowly picked up the palette, Jaehyun watching your every move.

"Do you have something you need to say to me?  Why do you keep looking at me like that?" you fixed him with a stare.

Jaehyun's cocky expression morphed into a kind smile that forced the skin around his eyes to wrinkle.  "Because you're like a work of art yourself."

You choked.  "UHM ME?  I think you have the wrong person.  I look like a half-digested potato."

Jaehyun laughed, stepping closer to you and taking your phone to enter his number.  "Well then I'm into that."

You blushed really hard.  "Oh okay."

"Wanna grab coffee sometime?"

"Oh okay."

Jaehyun laughed at your cute expression.  He had to admit you were even more beautiful when you were totally flustered.  "I'll take that as a yes," he giggled.

"Oh okay."

Y/N.exe has stopped working


A/N: WOW AHHHHH!  I legit felt like I would malfunction in this situation!   Thank you @kateflores456 for requesting!  

Question of the imagine:  Has someone ever made you so flustered that you couldn't speak?  For me, I just turn really really REALLY red, and my heart starts pounding super fast!    

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