July 20 : Good Old Days

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Time flies by when you're having fun yeah?

It's been around an hour and a half, since I started leafing through these old photo albums. After I moved out, my mother gave me these.

Looking at myself in my old high school uniform, feels a little weird, it's been ages and I don't think that will even fit on me anymore.

And right in front of me, in that class picture, was a familiar yellow ribbon holding up a ponytail. Just that sight reminded me of the torment I had to go through back in high school.

Every time I tried to slack off, she'd find me. When I try to cheat, she'd give me that stare. Whenever I tried to cut classes she'd guilt trip me into staying. Really pesky girl that was.

Those were my irresponsible days of course. I got into a good college, got a decent office job, now I have a good house and a pretty nice life.

Still, to look at my younger and angrier face, back in my stupid days of trying to get out of any work. I'm glad to see how much I've changed. But if one thing hasn't changed.

Is that bright and pure smile, that she had on her face.

"Honey? What are you up to?"

I turn my head towards the door, she still has it.

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