Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: A Short-lived Welcoming

Celestial looked about, different toms and she-cat's surrounded him, Sunburst, and the others.

Ariel and Forfax lead the five of them to this place, where they were to meet a she-cat named Cheetahstar, and two toms named Fawnstar and Hickorystar, the 'Leader's' of the part of Starclan they were in.

Of out the crowd came a she-cat, her spotted pelt was strange, her fur was slightly matted, with sandy pale ginger coloring, and her eyes were a dull copper color.

"Are these the Starsteppers?" she asked Ariel and Forfax, "Yes, Cheetahstar, we were able to find a nice quiet place to let them form. Sorry it took so long." mewed Ariel, before she began to lick her shoulder fur.

Cheetahstar nodded, "Good, just in time. We just received word about a group of rouges about to attack Thunderclan for more territory. We would warn the leader, but it's such short notice, we need you to send them. They will be attacking in two days, normally we would be able to tell the leader, or the Medicine Cat, but now is not the case. Waveshine has taken Twotail to the Moonpool, and have arranged an agreement to visit Windclan to help them with something. The time they get home even if we warn them will be a day to late."

Celestial tilted his head, "Why are you sending us then?" he asked, "Because we already have our paws full with the Dark Forest, we can't send any Warriors down right now."

Celestial looked to where the second voice came from, out of the crowd stepped a dark brown tabby tom, his chest, belly, paws, and tailtip were white, while his eyes were dull green. "There you are Hickorystar." mewed Cheetahstar, coming over to her friend.

A much more feminine tom was right behind him, his fawn colored pelt looked a bit strange on his feminine body, but what surprised him more was his voice.

"Ve need to sends you down to da clans soon, before ze Rouges attack." he meowed. Burn looked to him, "Whoa, what's with your voice?" she asked excitedly.

The tom looked to her, "Very vude young one, vhat is you name?" he asked, looking at her with narrow eyes.

Forfax stepped forward, pushing Burn back, "You must excuse her, Fawnstar, she's easily excited. Let me introduce them to you." he purred, looking at the them.

"This is Sunburst." he gestured to the tom with a flick of his tail, the tom rose his fur, wanting to seem bigger, "Ice." the light grey she-cat looked unamused, looking at the toms talk, "You already met Burn." the young Starstepper smiled, flicking her tailtip up and down in a happy manner.

"Starlight." the black she-cat merely blinked, "Hello, Fawnstar." she said, her unsettling voice being heard once more.

"And finally, this is Celestial." Forfax finished at last. Celestial dipped his head politely, looking to the feminine tom with respect.

"It's nice to meet you all." he mewed to the leaders, "You as well." Hickorystar mewed.

"Now that that's over with, Ariel, you will be in charge of their fighting, they need to learn them by tomorrow. They may need to fight beside Thunderclan." Cheetahstar ordered, looking to the light brown spotted tabby.

Forfax looked to Cheetahstar looking in disbelief, "But, Cheetahstar, they can't learn to fit in just one day." he said.

The she-cat looked to him, "They don't have to prefect it, they need to know the basics." she went on, glaring at him. "You may be one of the Guardians of the Clans, but you still need to obey me and the others, Forfax." she nearly snarled at the tom.

Celestial tilted his head in confusion and curiousity, "Guardians of the Clans?" he asked, looking at them.

Fawnstar looked to him, "Special Starsteppers who've have da ability over somet'ing." he said to him. "Forfax has da power over da stars and such, Ariel have power over Nature. There vas more then just Ariel and Forfax, but after da battle merely a moon age, ve lost all vuts three. Forfax, Ariel, and Nathaniel, vut Nathaniel went to join da Dark Forest. It vas a horrible lose, because he control fire." he explained to the confused tabby.

Celestial nodded, "But the lost one's abilities went to who?" he asked, "Ariel, now she nearly has everyone ability, except Forfax's and Nathaniel's." mewed Hickorystar.

"So if we lost Ariel... we would have little to no control over the Clans?" he asked them, wanting to know more. "Yes, if we lost Forfax too, Starclan would be powerless over the clans. We wouldn't be able to stop arguments at Gatherings or give omens." Cheetahstar meowed to him.

The tom nodded, now understanding what would happened. "Got it." he finished, looking at the leaders. "Now you should start training them, we need to to know the basics, you never know what could happen." Cheetahstar ordered, before walking off, Fawnstar and Hickorystar following her.

Ariel sighed, "Come on, let's train you five." she said, walking off a bit. The young Starsteppers followed after the she-cat, curious about training.

They came to a spot to train, with Forfax teaching them how to dodge, while Ariel taught how to fight, making sure to show the five how to release a perfectly timed attack.

They practiced for a long time, Sunburst was one of the better ones out of the five, while Starlight was most likely one of the worst, she was a bit slow at dodging, and didn't have good timing, unlike Sunburst, but she had something the fairly large tom didn't have: a small frame.

When she would fight Forfax, he had a bit of a harder time to scratch at her, claws sheathed of course, but still landed quiet a few hits.

In the end of the training, Sunburst was the strongest, Ice being the second strongest, Celestial being third, Burn being fourth, and Starlight being last.

"That's all for today, we can resume later, it's nearly dawn down in the clans." meowed Forfax, getting off a heavily panting Burn.

"Okay, Forfax." the five said, "In the meantime, go see if you can make friends here." he suggested. They nodded and started to walk off together, chatting between themselves.

But, Celestial couldn't help but worry a bit for the Warriors below them, the living breathing clan cats, cat who had to hunt for their food, to fit for their rights, everything.

"I wonder what it would be like to be alive." he thought, "To know you're alive for a purpose to protect your family and friends. I bet it would be great to be alive."

There we go! Chapter 2 of The Starstepper. Hope you like it ^^ I'll get to work on Chapter 3 right away so don't worry!

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