Chapter 2

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"Jared,I couldn't fit my favorite maroon dress you bought for me last year. I think I'm getting fat."

Jared inwardly groans,he knew what would come next,which is-

"I'm getting Fat! Jared,do something! You have to do something to prevent this from happening,for this is all your fault!" Ruby whined,weighed her slim waist,which,Jared noticed, hasn't getting any fatter from last year.

It is exactly like how it used to be.

Ruby Greece was a beautiful woman,with average heights, pale skin,brown hair and a body that makes models jealous,she was near perfect. Only she's very hard to please (no pun intended),especially when she starts an argument. One cannot just disagree with whatever she said or it will be end with disaster,Jared knows that.
So when he felt Ruby starts saying something he thinks wrong,he would just nodded in agreement to avoid Ruby throwing tantrums.

"We'll buy you new dress if you want to." Jared offered.

"Really?!" Ruby screech and almost jumping up and down like a little kid getting a Christmas present.

Jared nodded and without noticing his mind drifted to his ex wife,the one that he'd met unexpectedly about a weeks ago. She never cares about getting fat or whining to get a new dress every day,she would just using her old dresses even if Jared insisting to buy her new dress. When she grew one or two kilos she would dancing around and singing all day long,she's weird like that. Unconsciously, his lips stretch on the corner,forming an almost genuine smile he had for a long time.

When Ruby noticed her boyfriend's smile-one that made her freaked out momentarily -she blinking rapidly,resisting the urge to rubbing her eyes,afraid it would ruin her make-ups.

"What?" Jared asked when she's staring at him as if in trance. His smile disappeared.

"You're smiling." She noted.

'No shit' Jared scoffed and shook his head,standing from a wooden chair that he'd sat for hours. He'd been sitting on that uncomfortable chair for hours,waiting for Ruby to choose her dress. He had no idea why she choose that wooden chair when she can bought a more comfy chair,but he never asked her why. It's almost five and the masquerade ball starts at seven evening, that made Jared swiftly walked passed Ruby,whom still rumbling to herself in front of a huge mirror hanging on the wall.

"What were you thinking about? Was you excited to buy me a dress? Can we go shopping?"

Annoyed, Jared whirled around to face red face Ruby when she gripped his hands, preventing him from walked passed her.

Jared sighed. "Firstly,I'm just thinking something funny about book I read yesterday. Secondly, I'm not excited at all,and thirdly, you know I hate shopping. I will call Ms.Nadela to bring your dresses and you can choose whichever you like."

Ruby closed her mouth to stopped herself from screaming. She was working as a doctor, but her love for shopping and any other girly things to do didn't even dimmed,not a little bit.

"I will meet you later at ice cream parlour across the street,okay?" He bend down to give a little peck on Ruby's lips,and without waiting for her answers, he opened the door from her walk in closet and headed right to his car.

When he was sitting alone with his favorite flavor ice cream, Mint with Chocolate chips,his mind again drifted to someone whose name he won't mention. He knew she never cheat on him during their marriage.ever.

That he found out two years after their divorce.


He was sitting in his office shuffling through file after file when his mother's private investigator barged in his office unannounced. He was ready to throwing a various profanities when the investigator threw a cream coloured envelopes,expecting him to read it. But Jared was on edge that day,he didn't know what bothering him since he woke up. Even a noise of his secretary's-which happen to be his girlfriend- high-heels echoed through the gap under the doors,enough to made him almost explode in rage.

So he simply threw the envelopes on the corner of his desk and waving his hand in a dismissed gesture.

When clock struck 9 o'clock, he closed his laptop and stretch his hand above his head, yawning loudly. He stand up and grab his jacket from the back of his swivel chair, but stopped when he notice the envelopes that laying there untouched. When he saw the content inside,his breath hitched and his hands shaking.

So,I'd accused her cheating when I was the one that had no trust in her?

He just got this way too late. He couldn't find her everywhere he goes.

I'm screwed.

*End of flashback*

He remember saying that over and over again.

"You don't say."

He looked up and his eyes locked with hers.

Am I saying that out loud?

"Yes,you did, you dumbass." He narrowing his eyes when he caught a mocking eyes,paired with provocative smirk on her face.

There she stood,looking beautiful as ever.

And what she's doing here? To who he asked, he didn't know.

"Because I works here duh."

And he thinking out loud,again.

"I see you steal my ol' bad habits,which is thinking out loud."

"Where is Toby?" He asked instead,glancing around a small ice cream parlour,trying to get a glimpse of Toby's little form.

"That's none of your goddamn business." She spat.

Because she's unable to stop herself, perhaps it cause by a glass of Brandy she had this morning,and maybe it's just a pent-up anger she felt toward him for a long time. She scooped down his ice cream that sitting across him on the table,and squashed it to his face,rubbing his neck, his front shirt,his perfectly styled hair,and to his pants all with ice cream.

In the other words,she messed up his perfect suit.

When he opened his eyes and glaring up at her,that when hell break loose.

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