Chapter 27

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Edward's POV:

After I excused myself I went to the kitchen and called the others in our group chat and of course they all answered. I told them all to go here because it was very important. After the call I went back to the living room and saw that MayMay, Kisses and Marco were watching tv. I walked near them and tapped MayMay's shoulder then she turned her head to look at me.

"So, you called them?" She asked and I nodded my head

"Yep, they'll be here soon." I said and she just nodded her head. A few minutes later we heard the doorbell ring and we all looked at MayMay and she gave us a smile and walked over to the door and opened it to reveal all the guys and they greeted her with smiles and hugs.

"Halika, pasok kayo" MayMay said and they all went in and when they saw me, Kisses, and Marco their smiles grew wider

"Oh what's happening here? Is there a party?" McCoy asked and we all just looked at MayMay.

"Well may kailangan akong sabihin sa inyo na sobrang importante." She said and they all looked at her.

"Well what is it?" Bailey asked

"Do they already know about this?" Iñigo asked while pointing to me, Kisses, and Marco, and MayMay just nodded her head.

"Yes they already know about it." She said and he nodded his head

"Well go on, tell us." Ronnie said with a smile

"Well I'm leaving" She said

"For a vacation you mean?" Christian asked and she shook her head

"What? But why?" Ricci asked

"My cousin, Patricia, needs me." She told them

MayMay's POV:

"My cousin, Patricia, needs me." I told them

"We'll miss you May." Markus said and I just smiled at them

"I'll miss you guys too, but I'll visit you guys if I can, and I'll be back naman siguro if Patricia is okay already." I said and he nodded his head

"When are you leaving?" Nikko asked and I sighed.

"In a few hours, but that's why I told Edward to call you guys so we can spend time together while I'm still here." I told them and they all smiled and nodded their heads.


A few hours have passed and we had so much fun just talking about all the good times we spent with each other, but it was time for me to go. They helped me bring my bags down and hinatid rin nila ako sa airport. When we were in the airport na the tears started to fall. I will miss these people so much talaga, I don't know if I can survive without them, they helped me with everything, I love them so much. Me and Mama were about to go and we're just saying our goodbyes. I hugged all of them and kissed their cheeks but when I came to Kisses and Marco I broke down.

"I will miss you guys so much, thank you for everything that you've done for me, thank you for being the best friends in the world, I'll text you guys everyday, I'll keep in contact don't worry. I love you guys so much." I said while hugging them when we finally pulled away I kissed both of their foreheads.

"I love you bebe girl, bebe boy." I told them and they were crying

"I love you Ate May" Marco said

"I love you Ate MayMay" Kisses said and my tears fell from my eyes and then I faced Edward and he gave me a weak smile.

"So this is it, you're leaving." He said and I nodded my head

"MayMay before you leave I just want to tell you that I a, sorry about everything and I love you so so much, please don't forget about me." He said and I gave him a smile

"I love you too Edward, of course I won't forget about you, never." I said and he gave me his beautiful smile.

"Stay safe MayMay" He said and I nodded my head, the next thing he did shocked me the most, he kissed me, and of course I kissed back. A few more seconds later we pulled away, and everyone was looking at us and cheering and I just smiled

"I'll see you soon" I said and he nodded his head. I turned around and looked at Mama and she gave me a smile.

"I'm so proud of you anak." She said and I gave her a smile. I turned back around and smiled at my friends and waved at them. Me and Mama went in and I turned back one more time and yelled.

"I love you guys!!" I yelled and they yelled back

"We love you Ate May!" I heard them yell and the tears made their way down my cheeks. I'll miss them so much, but I'll see them soon.

Edward's POV:

It's official, she's gone, she left us. I kissed MayMay, and she kissed back, I couldn't stop smiling the whole drive back to MayMay's house. We all decided to go back to MayMay's house because no one was there anyway so we decided to tambay there, well specifically in MayMay's room because we miss her so much, but we know that she'll come back for us. For now, goodbye MayMay, till next time, we love you.


Well that's the end for book 1, but don't you guys worry because there will be A SEQUEL!!! Yaaasssssss, the title is gonna be Please Stay and I am very excited for it, I hope you guys are too, and I hope you guys will also support it, love you guys! Thank you for all your support on Fake Girlfriend!

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