Chapter Eleven-"Probably his dick"

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~Dedicated to the moments of jealousy, the green eyed monster~

Chapter Eleven-"Probably his dick"

Sean and I were the first of our ‘gang’ to arrive at the lake house. It was large, and that still didn’t describe its size. Two storeys tall, made with wood and looking as though it belonged in the middle of a fairy tale, the lake house was beautiful. All around were large trees and wild flowers, with a hint of dampness in the grass. My lips found themselves curving into a grin that I didn’t seem to have control over. So yeah, maybe I was a little excited for my proper first holiday.

Sean got out of the car, pulling me back to reality as I followed his lead and exited. I breathed in deeply, glad for some fresh air and no longer having to listen to any of Sean’s dirty jokes. Just thinking about them made my cheeks flame up in embarrassment. Sean Gregory was known for being a player and ultimate bad boy at Redwood High, but after the whole makeover thing, I found that he was actually nice deep down, well that was until that long ride from Redwood to here.

“Well Lanter, what do you think?” Sean asked, coming around to stand next to me.

I grinned up at him, “It’s really beautiful out here,” I began, “and so much fresher than Redwood’s boring old smell of berries,” I finished, wrinkling my nose in disgust.

Sean chuckled, “Come on then, want a private tour before everyone else gets here?”

“Sure,” I beamed, following him towards the large oak door.

Sean dug around in his back pocket before pulling out a large key, and slipped it into the door before unlocking it. I peeped inside, taking in the cosy looking furniture and fireplace at the far end of the room. Turning back to Sean, I realised that he was already walking straight in, glancing back at me as though he was expecting me to follow. Well obviously he wants you to follow him Viv; this is like a private tour! That’s what you’re supposed to do, follow the guide around while they explain what was what.

I blushed in embarrassment before I followed Sean into the lodge styled holiday home, taking in the different picture frames that were hanging on the walls. I took in the happy family smiling from the photos. A tall father, a petite mother and two kids; a girl who seemed to look like she would rather be in detention than the photo and a little dark haired boy who seemed oblivious to everything, except for smiling widely, revealing two missing teeth.

“Is that you?” I asked, staring closer at the photo.

Sean came to stand behind me, “Yeah that was our last vacation as a family.”

I frowned, “As a family?”

“You know,” Sean said, “before the divorce.”

“Oh,” I replied, feeling like an idiot, “I didn’t mean to-”

Sean shrugged, cutting my apology off, “Don’t sweat it Lanter, I’m over it.”

I nodded, even though it was clear that Sean wasn’t over the whole divorce thing. What type of woman was his mother anyway? Was she as nice as Lily? But if that was the case, I doubt she would have left her family just for some other man who she was in love with? But then maybe love did that to you, true love. Or maybe it was just menopause and she was having some midlife crisis thing that all old people went through? I sighed. God Viv, you’re hopeless at figuring people out.

“Come on,” Sean interrupted my thoughts, “we get first choice in rooms.”

I smiled, “How many rooms are there?”

“Oh,” Sean looked thoughtful, “probably about six or seven.”

My jaw dropped, “Why?”

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