Chapter 17

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Day : Saturday
Date : 04/08/2018

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Ryder Stone's POV

Now it confused me. If she turned Camellia into her daughter which mean was my sister, then why did she make me like her this bad?

Why did she talk about her so much to make me like her if I can't be with her?

[ Flashback to two years ago ]

Sitting on the floor in the living room was normal for me when I was doing my "work".

"Ryder, sweetie, I think your mom send this to you." I heard my granny said from behind me.

"What is it?" I asked without looking back at her as I was busy playing soccer game on my phone. Yep, that's my work.

"I don't know. If you want to know then you gonna have to stop playing with your phone." she scolded me before taking my phone away from my grip.

"But i'm about to win the game." I whined like a little girl.

"You want the game or this mysterious box?" she gave me options.

"You're talking like we are in a game."

"Oh, you don't want this box? Okay -"

"No no no. I want it I want it. Give it to me." I cut her and quickly took the box from her hands as I was afraid if she will throw it away and not going to let me have it anymore.

And i'm not lying cause she had done it before.

"So..what's in it?" she asked me making me looked at her in disbelief.

"I just got it from your hands, lady. Give me time to open it first will ya." I said making her smile sheepishly at me. I just chuckled slightly at her cuteness.

Then, I started walking to my favorite sofa with my eyes fixed on the box in my hands.

As I was walking, I managed to trip myself over my granny's fluffy carpet.

I was lucky cause I fell on a fluffy carpet and not on the hard floor.

Looking down at me on the carpet, lying down with my stomach flat on it, my granny laughed.

"That's what happen to bad grandsons." she said making me groaned before changing my position to sitting.

I didn't even wait for my extra old woman to sit first before ripping the wrapper like a beast. Or like a little boy who just got his first present.

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