~ Just Be Careful ~

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"We.. sit..." 9S began, his eyes unable to leave her body as she got in the water, he'd missed seeing it all but he saw enough, more than he'd ever seen. The bubbles hid it from him but oh damn he wished he did not put the bath bomb in now.

He could feel her legs against his, he would have to open his legs and put them either side of her for them both to sit in the bath, he could feel her hips and legs against his. So soft, and the bath bomb left a nice slippery layer on their skin.

"We... sit and... relax..." He smiled softly, "I felt the same too, it is safe, we are water tight and this water will not damage our systems. I made sure." He told her and relaxed back, the taps were at the side of the bath so neither of them had to rest against them.

"A bath is about relaxation, letting your mind go from your body. Just letting the water soak in to your body.." He sighed, he could die now and be in whatever afterlife humans believed in.

"Mm." With a nod, she leaned back against him, relaxing herself. Her eyes shut as she took in the mingling scents wafting about in the air of the bathroom. His equally soft skin felt nice against her back. Now that she'd been laying back, her breasts came into full view. She hadn't even thought about it but, she was still blushing.

"It's hard to relax like this," said 2B as she noticed that the closer she got to him, the less relaxed she was. There was something stimulating about their skin making contact. It could've been her just reading too deeply into things but, humans would say that she felt a spark.

"I like baths though, they feel nice. I don't have any experiences to compare this with but, I like baths with you." She said that and she could feel her heart pick up the pace. It was beating so fast that she was sure he could feel her entire body shaking with it.

It was such an odd contrast; she was so on edge but he seemed so relaxed and content. Then again, he was used to wearing his heart on his sleeve and expressing himself instead of bottling up how he felt. At least, for the most part. Her silver hair shined lightly in the glow of the flames as she re-positioned her head.

2B was so conscious of her body parts and where they were as she rested on him. How the small of her back contrasted with the flat firmness of his stomach and how her plump backside was now right up against a certain set of organs that were optional in their species. Upon noticing that, she let out a small gasp that was more audible in this room than it would have been in any other. Wondering if she should move in case he was uncomfortable should have been her first priority. Twitching slightly, a look of worry was plain on her face.

"I... I am sorry." 9S apologised for some reason, then she would feel it. With her pressing so close up against him, rubbing up against him; he had turned on his full body sensitivity and, well.. the baths reacted to his system in a very strange way, the same way whenever he saw 2B looking off into the distance when she did not know he was watching.

Something pressed into her lower back and it just... kept... moving... Twitching and growing a little bit bigger.

"I am... having a malfunction with my body. I am attempting to fix it, but I am afraid that a system corruption in that section has damaged the programming there." He bit his lip and looked away to the side.

"I apologise again." He told her. He couldn't stop his penis from getting hard against her lower back.

"Oh, Nines..." She felt his... adaptor against her back and it was all too much. There wasn't much she could do about it aside from excusing him and trying not to pay much attention to it. Her eyes closed as she tried to keep her composure as to not make him more upset.

"Am I... turning you on?" Was that the correct slang for arousal? She'd heard about sex from the other androids at the Resistance camp but she never once used those terms herself. Worried that he would be upset, she tried to sit up but kept slipping against him due to the texture of the bath bomb. The water sloshed around a bit with her movements.

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