Morning there!

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Hi people, sorry for the hiatus, with my new... Laptop-like thing I'll have a lot of those. It's not as good as the old one sooooooo... Well, enjoy!

Asriel woke up early, at least for someone who didn't steep until half-past one, as early as actually nine at morning. Oh, of course, the young prince was hyperactive and he and sleep didn't go together. He looked from his top bunk down at Cameron. He was soundly sleeping on his abdomen with one hand over his new locket, a plush kitten in his underarm, and the other under the pillow. His face said clearly that he was sleeping deeply and waking him up will lead to a cardiac arrest. Alex was sleeping like a soldier on his back, but his arms were weirdly twisted, because who the heck could sleep still on their back?! Which psychopathic creature could do that?! Asriel almost cringed at the thought of trying to fall asleep like that. Chara was sleeping with one arm hanging from the bed. The trio wasn't going to wake up anytime soon. Oh well. Asriel decided to wait until one of them wakes up, meanwhile changing clothes. The waiting finished when Toriel opened the door to check on them and Asriel shouted:

-Good morning mom!-

The trio woke up at once. Lifting their head and looking around, they looked at Asriel, then Toriel.

-Are we... Supposed to be going somewhere?-

Chara yawned loudly

-No, I just came to check on you.-

Toriel said. At this moment, Cameron dropped his head back to the pillow.

-Wake me up when something happens.-

He muttered through the pillow.

-It's your birthday, isn't it?-

Toriel asked.

-Mhm... So...?-

-Don't you want to celebrate?-

-I prefer to stay asleep thank you.-

-Is anybody hungry?-


The last word was exhaled by all three humans at once as they covered their heads with sheets.

-Whose idea was to uncover this stupid window?-

Alex grunted half-asleep. Suddenly Toriel's phone rang loudly and she walked away, answering. Oh great, now they were wide awake. Chara jumped down to the ground and stretched when Asriel shouted from his bed:

-Hey Chara, look! I think I can jump like you too!-

-No, wait!-

Chara caught Asriel in his flight from the top bed. Well, she had her morning exercise for today.

-But Charaaaaa!-


Chara let him stand on the ground and he exited the room angrily.

-Oh, are you serious? It's nine am now?-

Cameron growled, rubbing his eyes. Sleepily, he hung his legs from the bed and put his head in one hand.

-Uh-ah, why does it hurt...-

He groaned. Chara felt his forehead, he was sweating like a racing horse.

-Have you had any nightmares? Did you wake up during the night?-

-Mhm... Twice... Or more... I'm not sure...-

-It's improvement, though. Last year you woke up ten times with cries. Tonight you haven't even squeaked. Although your eye sockets are all red and puffy. Well, at least this year I stayed asleep.-

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