20. The plan behind the scene

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Pain is a relative term. For some, it is just a tiny scratch on hand for some it is going to work daily and doing what doesn't give you joy. For some, it is a past that you couldn't let go off and for some, it is the torture of a dark future. 

For Trisha, Sage and Killian's pain was right now, the present. 

While Trisha was still troubled with the fact that they have completed blown their covers with Dormants, she was fugitive in her own home. She missed being fearless at that moment. 

"Brandeds have decided to help us." Killian came to the end of his explanation to both Sage and Trisha who didn't utter a word the whole time.

She didn't even listen to most of it because she was thinking about what exactly were they doing?

"We can attack their supplies of DNA collectors centers and also we can raid the supplies of those potions that make people emotionless." Killian and someone name Eric was adding bits and pieces to the story.

"And then what?" Trisha said suddenly.

Everyone discussing the plan stopped and looked at her.

"We are not more than a hundred, maybe two hundred. What are we going to do?" She hit them with facts.

Silence fell in the room. She will always be on run, always looking behind her back, always worried that she might die.

"We spread a plague." Alice walked inside looking as devious as Trisha remembered her last.

"What did you just said?" Killian asked looking surprised.

"You very well know what I said. I said let's spread a plague. We will send an infected body with vials of the virus and make sure to infect the air and water and see how the perfect DNA survives."

Trisha was at loss for words.

It meant killing millions and even the thought made her nauseous.

"Thanks to Trisha and Sage here, we will be speeding up the process of attack. We have the virus developed and we have the antidote but the antidote is in really limited supply. So make sure what side you choose or how valuable you are. Only important ones will get the antidote. Any objections?" She asked as if this was a sane plan and no one should object.

"Are you kidding me? You are deciding on killing the people, innocent by the way and asking if we have any objections?" Sage yelled.

Alice looked unbothered as his outburst.

"Innocent you say. I remember you hating them." She mocked him.

Trisha just gritted her teeth in anger not sure she wanted to say anything yet.

"For the demo, you are cordially invited in the evening," Alice said with a calm smile.

"Demo?" Killian asked.

"Yes, I sent a little to that school Sage and Trisha went. Just to see how it will work." 


Trisha sat in the corner of her room not sure what she could now. She was here almost an accomplice to genocide. Tears flowed down her eyes no matter how hard she tried to stop crying. 

Two girls came in and almost dragged her out and made her sit in front of a big screen television.

She sat down and noticed that Sage and Killian were sitting at the front with other guys. She saw the school where she and Sage were undercover and then it hit her, students looked sick there. They were pale and they were coughing. Before she could say anything one of them coughed out blood. She recognized the boy from the party. He fell down on the ground and his ears started bleeding. Next thing she knew he was dead as other students surrounded him while some called for help.

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