03 | nurses office and meeting johnny

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I woke up in the nurses office with the worst headache I had ever had. The nurse smiled when she saw me awaken and came over to check on me.

I was the only one here along with the nurse and the silence was thick as honey. I hated it.

I went to stand up but my ears started ringing and my vision was clouded with black dots, my headache rattling my skull.

I immediately sat down as another student walked in one hand clamping the top of his nose with his fingers to stop it bleeding and the other hand was holding a paper towel under his mouth.

Another boy accompanied him to open doors and guide him.

The nurse shuffled herself over and sat the boy down on a chair next to me. She then thanked the other boy, who's name I learnt was Ten, and proceeded to help the injured one.

I smiled at Ten when he looked at me before leaving which he returned. He was a few years older than me and I think I remember hearing he transferred here from Thailand.

I looked over at the injured boy and the nurse as they conversed with one another.

'What happened this time Johnny?' She sighed heavily.
'I got punched again.'
'Well anyone could tell me that, what happened that you got punched and who punched you.'
'It was an accident, we were only messing and Lucas' arm slipped and he punched me.'

'Lucas does an awful lot of punching, maybe he should join the boxing club and be useful rather than going around screaming and being annoying.'

Johnny let out a laugh at the nurses comment. I did too which caused him to look at me, confused.

He was extremely tall and had dark chocolate brown eyes, full lips and jet black hair with an undercut that he occasionally brushed back from his face with his hands, he was slightly sweaty from his ordeal with Lucas and he wore  a white shirt and chain underneath a red and white stripped flannel shirt that wasn't buttoned at all but tucked into his black trousers that were held up with a red and black belt. He was a couple of years my senior and he was very attractive.

When his eyes met mine his face lit up in a smile, making my heart dance.
'What happened you?' He tilted his head in curiosity.

'I don't know.. I blacked out earlier and woke up in here.'

The nurse had cleared up most of the blood and his nose and lip had stopped bleeding so she sent him on his way.

He got up to leave as he spoke to me.
'Oh... well, I hope you feel better.' He smiled at me and waved before thanking the nurse and leaving the office.

The nurse shouted after Johnny to be careful and steer clear of Lucas and his punches.

She looked back at me, sighed, smiled and shook her head.

'Now, Zhi Ruo lets get you sorted shall we?'

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