*happy Ghoul noises*

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Papa didn't know exactly what he expected Omega to say when the Ghouls were asked what they wanted for lunch, but McDonald's was not it.

Papa had half a mind to tell them to request something else, but the glittering in their eyes as he glanced at them in the rear view mirror and the excited noises coming from little Earth promptly shut that plan down. The Anti-Pope could only pray that the McDonald's they'd be approaching soon wasn't crowded.

It was crowded.

Papa sighed at the full parking lot as he pulled the black hearse around the curb to scour the lot for an empty space.

Though, despite his current lack of enthusiasm for the inevitable stares and jeers from a crowd of civilians, Papa could not deny the warmth he felt knowing he was making his boys happy.

He could only catch snippets of their eager chatter from the back seats, but Papa was certain he'd be earning himself a gold star for the night in their books.

"Papa! There's a spot!" Alpha leaned forward into the front of the car and pointed slightly to the right where an SUV was backing out of one of the parking spaces.

"Thank you, Ghoul." The hearse slowed to allow the vehicle room for leaving before lurching forward and sliding between the white painted lines at the end of the row.

Papa unclipped his belt and stepped out of the car onto the sidewalk, smoothing down his uniform all the while. Pride bloomed in his chest when he noticed the Ghouls were waiting patiently for him to open the door for them, just like they were supposed to.

Five silver masks glinted through the window with equal sets of exhilarated eyes, crinkled by smiles, gazing right back at him. A smile cracked his own painted face and he quickly pulled the black door open.

The Ghouls exited the vehicle one at a time and remained in a neat line on the adjoining sidewalk for their Pope to give orders.

"You almost forgot your hat, Papa." Air reached back into the hearse and extracted the glittering, embellished pope hat before closing the car with a snap and extending the headdress to his leader.

"Oh! Good thing you saw it." Papa admired the absolute delight in his Ghoul's eyes upon being praised as he settled the cap over his dark hair and pushed the long strips of fabric over his shoulders. "Now..." Papa allowed the Ghouls to begin shifting around in anticipation before he continued, "Who is ready to eat?"

The five men burst into moderate cheers, Omega even stomped his foot over the concrete of the sidewalk once.

Papa grinned, but his happiness was dulled when he glanced over the silver horns of his Ghouls and caught sight of several people pointing at them from a distance.

He shook his head. Their confusion and assuming opinions would not put a damper on his lunch trip with the boys.

"Alright." Papa watched as the group immediately stopped talking with one another and stood at attention. Yes, they were very well behaved. "Follow me. In order now. Let us go to McDonald's."

Papa looked both ways - setting a good example for the boys - before beginning to cross the parking lot with the Ghouls following in line.

The hem of Papa's cassock brushed over his ankles and he briefly considered switching to a different type of uniform. Something less likely to trip him. Omega had once suggested an outfit reminiscent of the Swedish king, Gustave III. It was a very interesting idea. Something he was willing to look into.

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