Chapter 4:

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It has been four weeks now and Thor has come back to midgard and to the tower. Everyone confronted him for what he did and he looked down in guilt. I just stayed in my room, locked away from him. The only ones I let in my room is Peter, Stark and Natasha.

I was reading a book when a knock was heard. "Come in!" I yelled thinking it was Peter or whatever. But I was wrong, it was Thor. "Loki, can we talk?" I sighed and sat my book down but didn't face him. "What do you want?" He walked in and shut the door. "Loki.....I'm sorry i acted like that. I should have handled that like a mature adult." "Oh really Thor, what you did hurt me more that you think, I put up with all the abuse I got in my life but that was to much, I actually thought that you would accept it but who was I kidding, all you ever cared about was yourself and your 'reputation' as you would call it." I got up and walked over to the balcony as Thor followed. "I know Loki, and I feel a deep regret for saying those things, will you forgive me and take me as your husband?" He asked as I was thinking. 'I can't really stay mad at him, I never do" I sighed and looked at him. "I accept your apology Thor, but you must make it up to me." "Of course anything Loki." I smirked. "You must be my pack mule for a good solid three weeks." Thor's eyes widened but he nodded. "Good, now go get me something to eat, I'm starving." I said as I sat down and he rushed to get me food.

~Time Skip~ (slight smutt coming up for y'all 😏)

I was getting ready for bed when I got an Idea, I called for Thor. He came in as I was only in my silky robe. "Could you be a dear and draw me a bath with sented bubbles and make it rose sented, thank you." He nods and goes to do that as I smirked and slowly followed.

As I walked into the bathroom I saw him with rolled up sleeves with his back facing me and oh good does his look so sexy. I smirked and walked up behind him wrapping my arms around him while smiling. "What is it that you want dear?" He asked. I smirked and leaned into his ear and whispered. "I want you to take a bath with me~." I purred out and I saw a slight smirk form on his face. "Anything for you love." He turned and kissed me after prepping the tub and slipped my robe off along with his clothing. He picked me up and sat me down inbetween his legs and I leaned into his chest. I relaxed as I felt him draw circular motions on my arms and chest. I smiled as I went to grab a wash rag to clean myself with but Thor stopped me. "Thor what are you-" I was cut off by Thor's mouth on mine and I squeaked from the sudden move but kissed back immediately.

As we kissed I felt his hands wonder down to my ass and felt him needle it. I moaned as he did that. "Thor~" I said as he kissed my neck. "Yes love." I blushed. "I....I'm not ready to go all that way b...but, you can give me a hand job, and I to you to if you want." I looked down blushing but he made me look at him. "Anything your comfortable with I'm fine with it." I smiled and began to grab his cock as he did mine and began to rub him. We kept a steady rhythm but that change when I felt a knot in my stomach and he sped up along with me. I was panting and moaning for a release and when he gave me one final jerk I came shuddering in pleasure while Thor came to with a deep moan. He pulled me into him chest and soft and tenderly and cleaned us up.

He dressed me up and carried me to the room where he laid me down as he laid next to me. "Goodnight my love." "Goodnight." And with that I fell asleep with pleasant dreams.

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