African Love-Chapter 22

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Here is Chapter 22 hope you enjoy!

Chapter 22

 Tristan and I were walking up to the gate when we heard a scream, we ran as fast as we could to the door and Rachel was being held at gun point by Jeffry. Valarie was trying to calm him down and Ms. Boss was there too for some reason. 

"What the heck is going on?" Tristan said trying not to make anymore tension in the house than there already was.

"Her" he pointed at Rachel with his finger on the trigger. She was crying hysterically. "She told you guys about us and now none of you will live". What was he talking about. 

"Jeffry honey what are you talking about where are the kids!" Valarie yelled

Oh no where was Sarah and Jake. I looked at Tristan scared and he took my hand in his with the same expression. What are we going to do, I couldn't do anything to help Rachel unless I wanted to get shot at or call the cops unless I wanted risking anyone's life for that matter.

Jeffry threw Rachel on the ground and Ms. Boss took her to the other room. Seriously what is she doing here. 

"Dad!, you need to calm down it's not that big of a deal, It's over now OK if you don't want to be here than just leave with Ms. Boss and don't come back." He let go of my hand and walked closer to his dad. "Tristan what are you talking about?" Valarie said again. I walked very slowly over to Valarie and told her what happened on the bus a couple days ago. She didn't react the way I was expecting, she walked away into the room where Mr. Boss had taken Rachel. 

It was just Jeffry, Tristan and I in the room. Nobody noticed that I gave Valarie my phone so she could call the cops.

"She knows everything okay, she won't tell. Dad just please put the gun down!" Jeffry wasn't listening to him.

"I promise I won't tell anyone just please listen to your son!" I begged crying now

"Just shut up!....shut up everyone!, you won't be telling anyone because you won't be here to tell them. You think I would trust some African who barely knows me or my family to keep a secret like this. If the people know we bought you from the CIA our life is ruined. So your right you won't be saying anything!" he said pointing the gun to me now.

"I promise I won't"

"Good" he smiled 

Next thing I know I here a loud pop and I'm laying on the ground. Words can't describe the pain I'm feeling right now. My eyes start getting blurry, I think Tristan is hovering over me. I look to my left and men are coming in and taking Jeffry out of the house. 

"Leylani! stay with me everything is going to be alright just please don't go!" I hear yelling but I don't know where it's coming from.

I couldn't stay awake any longer I had to close my eyes.

"Noooo!" I hear then my eyes close


You know the saying there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, well that didn't happen to me. I saw my mother. Yea the one who took my away from my family. We were walking down the same road and it was raining.

"Mother where are you taking me?"

"We'll be there in just a few more feet" She said with watering eyes

"Are we going to grandpa's house mother?"

"No honey you're going on a trip"

"To where?"

"You'll see"

We walked into a building and there where men and women in black suits walking around. We sat down and my mom went up to the desk and came back with papers in her hand. They lady at the desk called my name and we walked up and she lead us to a room. We did all these things she asked and my mom hugged me and said that she loved me and left. That was the last time I'd seen her. I cried for her to come back but she didn't.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

I woke up with a pain in my side trying hard not to move I looked around the room. I saw Rachel laying down. 

"Rachel" I cried but she didn't hear me I looked around and Tristan was by my side crying something into my bed. It was hard to move anything with the pain and when I talked that took extra strength that I didn't have. "Tristan" he looked up and his face was red it looked like he was crying for days.

"Oh my god Leylani" he kissed me until we couldn't breathe

"I didn't know what to do it happened so fast..."

"It's OK I'm fine" Rachel woke up this time and sat at the other side of me. She looked exhausted as well. "How long was I out?"

"You've been out for a week" Tristan said rubbing his thumb across my hand

"We never left your side" I looked at Rachel and smiled a weak smile. I was so tired but I shouldn't be after being out for a whole week. 

"Where is everyone". They both looked at each other then Rachel spoke.

"Valarie is at the police station and Ms. Boss and Jeffry are being sent to prison"

"For how long" 

"We don't know yet we have to go to court"

My eyes where getting heavier by the minute I think it's because of these drugs their giving me. Valarie came in before my eyes gave out again. 

Stop sleeping!


I woke up once again to see the room filled with flowers and get well soon cards. I look around and It's morning but my consular is in my room. I'm starting to think she works for the C.I.A. 

"Hey Leylani how are you feeling?"

I tried talking but something was preventing me from talking. I move my head back and forth trying to let them know that I don't want whatever it is in my throat anymore. The doctor came in and took it out and I was free!. He told me my throat would hurt for a couple of hours then I would be OK. I was getting hungry for real food because they had me eating food from my stomach because I was out for so long. 

"What happened?" deja vu!

"You blacked out on us again but you should be fine now" Tristan said with a smile

I shook my head to let him know I understood.

"Um..Leylani I don't know if this is a good time but I have really important news to tell you" my consular said

"Please tell me" I said

"In front of everyone?" she looked at me worried

"Yea, go ahead"

"OK...well as you know you're about to turn 18 in a couple months and you somehow already know about why you were sent here. Well we feel like it would be best for you to go back to Africa for your safety." she said handing my the papers. I looked at them and It was a plane ticket and my passport.

"It says it's scheduled two weeks from now. How am I supposed to finish school or even graduate!" I almost cried but I held it in because my side hurt.

"We have it all planned out we just need you to get better and we will talk more soon but just focus on getting better, I'll see you in a couple days". Then she walked out of the place leaving Valarie, Rachel, Tristan and I alone starring at each other.

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