Chapter 1 - childhood

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In life some people had good childhood and others kinda had bad childhood . My childhood was good and bad there was people in first , second , and third grade that were judgmental. but also cruel to me and to this day they did apologize for what they did but they felt bad for what they did to me back then .
But the thing about it in grade school when your little you believe anything people say or do and rumors are big in grade school and even high school people hear and they start rumors too . In my grade school there was this new kid at school and me and her became friends but she notice that I walk funny and I always take the elevator and she ask me " is there something wrong with the way you walk ? " And I told here the truth but she didn't understand she through I had "cancer " weird huh so she told my whole class that lie and no one wouldn't talk to me they through they could catch it . And I know what your think "how could that girl say that About you she's stupid and silly " but to me when I think about it I think she didn't understand about my "situation " . So this life lesson teach me that some people just don't understand how to treat people with there " unique " feature :) .

So when you meet someone who is different than you if there " deft , blind , different skin color , different religion " still treat them like a human being because every human being will like to be treated will care and , happiness ♡.

Hey you guys chapter 2 will be up this Sunday love ya ♡ #amputeestory

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