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"Don't hurt yourself, be careful.

Today's note puzzled me. Why were they telling me to be careful? Was something going to happen? Had I done something stupid?

Or were they just making sure I was careful and didn't get hurt seeing I am very clumsy...

I folded the note up neatly and put it in my pocket then, as I was going to put the lollipop in my mouth, Hyojin arrived.

'Oh my god, another one! I swear I need Chenle to do this for me or he'll have to catch these hands.' Hyojin breathed heavily through her nose as she leaned her head against my locker.

'Chenle is good to you, shut up.' I moved the lollipop against my cheek so I could talk.

'Yeah... he's taking me out to that new expensive restaurant that opened. You know that one.' She waved her hands about half expecting me to know what she was on about.

I nodded a little even though I hadn't a clue where or what it was and zoned out while she continued talking.


I forgot to mention, Chenle is basically the richest guy at the school. His family live in this massive house (or should I say houses), drive hella fancy cars, have maids and butlers. You'd swear they were royalty.

Hyojin brought me over one day and his mum showed us his baby pictures as he cringed into himself on the couch opposite. They were hilarious. Lots of photos of him posing with guns, standing in front of expensive buildings and of him with his arm around two girls.

His family are nice people and so is he which is why he, along with his friends, are the most popular guys in the school.
His friends consist of him and six other boys, all similar in age; Na Jaemin, Lee Jeno, Huang Renjun, Lee Donghyuck, Park Jisung and Mark Lee.

They are a mixed bunch of friends with Chenle being so loud you could hear him at the other end of the school when he laughs or screams and Jisung being more on the quiet, awkward and shy side. When we first met I held out my hand for him to shake but he gave me scissors instead.


Hyojin continued to talk about her date with Chenle as I grabbed my books and thought about the note and lollipop every day in my locker.

I was keeping the notes in a little drawer in my bedroom and well obviously I ate the lollipop.

The lollipop was bubblegum flavoured and blue in the shape of a heart. Wherever this person got them I needed to know because I need a dozen of them.

As we got to the bottom of the first flight of stairs, a wave of nausea came over me all of a sudden and I began to feel light headed.

I stopped walking and held the railing for a second, squinting at my now swimming surroundings.

The last thing I remember was Hyojin distantly calling my name before I hit the floor and everything went black.

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