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She awoke to the sound of silence. Her eyes fluttering open to a bright and flowery room. There were arrangements of flowers placed artistically throughout the room. Colors of blue, green, yellow. A pounding headache split December's head as she slowly turned her head to the side.

December was alone in the room, still dressed in her servants' uniform.

Her eyes fluttered close once more.

Hours later, she awoke to a few healers and Cynthia watching over her. December's nose twitched as she realized what had happened.

The thought of Queen Frigga being dead was unimaginable. Frigga was like her mother, a woman kinder than kindness itself, gone. Thor was only seconds away from stopping it. Her stomach gnarled and turned at the though of what had caused Frigga's death.

Jane Foster, the Midgardian Thor had brought to Asgard for unknown reasons. If anyone was to be blamed for this attack, December had a sinking feeling that it had been caused by Thor.

Of course, only Loki would back her up on that opinion.

She didn't feel him through her mind link, so she could only assume he had closed it off to grieve the news.

Cynthia interrupted December's thoughts, "how are you feeling, Ember?"

"Like I've been runover by the serpent, Jörmungandr. What about you?"

Cynthia narrowed her eyes at December's sarcastic comment. "You've been asleep for over a day, Ember. Queen Frigga's passing has occurred already, unfortunately it is now impossible for you to attend."

December's lips tightened into a narrow line as she avoided eye contact with the head servant. Queen Frigga's passing? Already? She hasn't even been dead for two days. Ember breathed out, "shame. Either way I don't think I feel too well, I am quite tired."

"I must be going then. Feel better soon, Ember."

"Thank you, Head Servant Cynthia."

December frowned as she returned to a more comfortable position, shifting on the Asgardian med bed as a healer walked past her, not giving December more than a glance of the eye. Ember pushed a lock of blonde hair behind her pointed ear, letting out a deep breath.

She let her eyes flutter shut as she called out to the psychic void, 'Loki!'

There was no answer.

December tried again, 'Loki! Hellllooooo!'

She opened her mouth to yell again when a voice pierced through her head. 'I'm a little bit busy, darling!'

'Going on an adventure without me? Rude.'

She could practically feel Loki rolling his eyes in her head, 'if you want to come, be in the North wing hallway in five minutes.'

A grin threatened to split her face in half, 'I'll be there in five and a half.'

Her eyes opened sharply as they scanned the room, the healer on duty was further along, not paying attention. Within seconds, December had gotten to her feet, quietly easing out of the infirmary. Her illusion seemed to create a persistent itch as the chance to remove it for the first time in almost a year appeared.

She had just almost reached the North wing, when she finally let her illusion go.

Her eyes fluttered closed as she returned to her own body, herself. A single glance in a golden column let her cherish her appearance. Her resemblance to both the Greek goddess, Khione, and the elf warrior, Aegan, were uncanny. She never understood how they hadn't realized it earlier.

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