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The sounds of wheezing and coughing woke up December, though she was now called Ember, the sounds of death were prominent in the female servant's quarters. It seemed like so much had gone downhill since both Loki and December had left Asgard. Many of the servant's were other sick or mistreated.

Her nightclothes were made of a scratchy sack-like material that had been terribly uncomfortable to sleep in.

It was still dark, as it always was here and in their quarters. With no windows, and the only light sources turned on when the work day began. This told Ember that it was still early. Nearby, she could hear Lorefis snoring on the bed beside her.

Ember rose to her feet, it was cold.

Or it would have been, the servants around her were huddled in their beds, shivering. It was still very early in the morning and Ember was sure that if she was too have seen the grass, frost would have met her. No one was awake.

She stood beside her bed and lifted a hand to the scar that the head steward had seen on her face hours earlier. It wasn't real, but disfigured her face and made others uncomfortable enough not to look to close to her. Her eyes snapped when girl whined in her sleep. Ember felt uncomfortable, exposed, in her short sack-like night gown. The image of the servant girl changed to one of a bleeding warrioress. 

Of a planet that December had helped destroy under the name of him.

Ember stumbled back, shaking her head.

She couldn't close her eyes as she knew she would only see the horrors of what she had done, of the monstrosities she had fulfilled in the name of survival. Oh, how she wished she was but a child again. Able to play in the gardens of Frigga. Queen Frigga was December's only motherly figure, the only one who raised her, in morals and in honour.

The guilt of hiding under the Queen's command, endangering the woman after all she had done did not settle well in December's stomach.

She ran a hand through her blonde hair, which seemed to glow in the early morning of the underground quarters'. Ember knew that her hair was peculiar, the brightness of it, when many servants had dull brown's, black's or stringy blondes. December's was pure, of Grecian and elven beauty.

Ember pushed away her guilt and anything else. She knew the coming years would not be simple, not after her what she had seen under his rule. Though the people of Earth and other similarly oblivious planets wished it so, he was far from done.

Hours later, the morning bell sounded through the female servant chamber. The torches and lights being ignited while the hall was filled with the chatter of sleepy servant girls. Ember could feel her hands tingling in agonized await for the pain that she was sure to receive once they began to cramp from whatever task she was going to be given.

The thin Head Servant, Cynthia, called out. Her greying hair brushed and tied into a perfect bun, her outfit immaculate. Fit to serve the queen. "All new servant girls that arrived early yesterday morning and later, please follow me."

While Ember was calmly able to follow, the others weren't so lucky. Instead of changing into their uniforms, they had been busy gossiping and complaining about what they had to do. Only Lorefis had followed Ember's league, and she seemed very glad to have done so. Ember had heard their gossiping clearly, she was sure many had. Though they spoke of many things, they had mentioned Ember. They said that she was favoured because of her pretty little face, that she was a whore, that soon she'd mess up and they'd be there to rip her apart and steal her position.

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