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December felt the tesseract bring them closer and closer. Her muscles tensed as they approached Asgard, she missed this feeling, it felt as though they were flying through the Bifrost.


The feeling of such power she surely missed, December had spent centuries on earth, protecting it, fighting for it. And sure, Midgardians were an incredibly brilliant species. Very few actually had true power. Plus the witches on earth were to proudful. Thought they were so much better then everyone else. Hmph. Funny ain't it?

Especially when December showed them true power.

She looked up, as they flew, she could see Loki and Thor far above her. And suddenly, she rolled out of the stream of power, December held her breath as dropped out of the power of the tesseract, it releasing its tempting hold of power on her. Yeah, she had this weird fetish for it. Obsession could be another word, though it was more easily supressed on earth. 

December threw out her hands, magic protecting her as she almost splattered on top of the building which Heimdall usually stayed in. The one with the portal in the Bifrost. She slowly slid down the front, ignoring the bolt of pain that came from landing on bridge.

She blinked surprised herself as she sat their on her buttocks in the entrance of the Bifrost portal which was being rebuilt.

It would probably explain the large power wave she felt go through the realms awhile back, the princes probably somehow destroyed it.

She leaned back and lay on her back, stretching her feet out. December pumped a fist in victory, smiling happily as she watched the bridge light up in colour everywhere she touched it, her light blonde hair splayed out behind her. The black trench coat she wore was unbuttoned, her simple dark blue blouse poking through, and once again she went black legging and black lita shoes.

Her red lips lifted in a smirk, as a voice addressed her, "December, nice of you to visit."

December sat up on her elbows holding her body up as she faced the chocolate skinned man, "Hemidall! I knew you missed me! I was worried you forgot about me." She pouted sweetly.

The golden armoured man frowned down at her, and calmly walked past her, "I will take you to Queen Frigga."

She sighed, he was never any fun, always working. December felt like the only things that went through his head were loyalty, work, and polishing his gleaming sword. Maybe being a butt kisser towards Odin but that's all. Oh she really did hope that Frigga missed her.

Otherwise, there is a very high chance that December was about to be executed.


Heimdal led December through a series of backways and hidden passages, she could recognize some of the pathways. Places both Loki and her had spent hours exploring and playing in.

She silently followed after the man, years ago, it had hurt when he chose his loyalty to Asgard over her, but you know, what can you do? It taught her plenty things, things like how trust is a very flimsy thread. Blackmail or threats were always so much better. The wars she had survived and fought in on earth only cemented her beliefs.

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