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The city was burning to ash, it was a bit poetic. Chitauri were everywhere, and the cause for all this disaster lay on the top of the tower, a man with bright green eyes. December sat beside Loki, her clothes dirty and bloody. She whispered to Loki, "what have you done?"

The man frowned, "I had no choice."

"I know..." she hesitated looking out the window when another large explosion rocked the building, "I wish I could blame you, I really do."

Loki opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted, by Captain America's voice, "close it."

December watched the portal with a baited breath as she waited to see if Tony Stark would make it through. The portal started closing, but she continued to watch closely, getting to her feet in shock when she watched his body fall through.

On the earpiece she heard Steve breath out, "son of a gun."

The platinum blonde haired woman stepped to the window and watched as the boy continued to fall, "he's not slowing down!"

She sometimes really hated doing this saving work.

As Thor prepared to fly at Stark and catch him, instead having Hulk grab him out of the air. She saluted Loki, "I'll see you in a bit, we can talk more properly on Asgard." And with that she calmly fell back, out of the tower, and rushing to the ground. Meters from the being a bloody and disgusting pancake on the ground, she teleported, steadily appearing on her boot heels that somehow hadn't broken yet, beside Captain America. He ran forward, while she cautiously stalked closer. Thor, Cap, Hulk and December stood beside a knocked out Tony.

She could hear his heart beating, but hey might as well scare the others a bit.

Thor pulled of the face plate and Captain America tried to listen for a heartbeat, forgetting the you could check in other places for a heart beat. They all saw that the arc reactor wasn't beating.

December tapped Hulk in on the shoulder and gestured her head toward Tony as the others gruesomely stared, already in mourning.

Hulk roared.

Tony took a deep and panicked breath, "What the hell? What just happened? Please tell me nobody kissed me."

She smiled, Howards' kid was okay, "you wish. We won, that's what happened. And we are all positively filthy."

Steve leaned back, and finally realized it too, we won."

Tony let out a breath of air, "alright, Hey. Alright. Good job, guys. Let's just not come in tomorrow. Let's just take a day. You ever tried shawarma? There's a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't know what it is, but I wanna try it."

Thor looked up to the tower, "we're not finished yet."

December grinned, everything was going as planned, she would be back in Asgard before anyone knew it. She would be coming home. The half-goddess had spent years, centuries fighting wars with the mortals. Protecting humanity from its self and other threats, and after so long the witch would be coming to the place where she grew up.

"And then shawarma after?" Tony asked.

She nodded with a hidden smile, "of course."


December watched in amusement as Loki crawled to the stairs, trying to sit up, he paused, and turned around only to see the avengers surrounding him/Loki crawls over to a stair and turns to see the Avengers surrounding him. Hawkeye has an arrow aimed at his face. Natasha is holding his scepter. Hulk and Iron man are standing threateningly. Thor is holding up his hammer. 

The woman on the other hand awkwardly stands of to the side, giving Loki a small grin and a hidden thumbs up, though the cut on his face was a bit worrying. 

Loki smiled and jokingly said, "if it's all the same to you, I'll have that drink now."

She was practically bouncing with excitement as they walked to the place where they would say goodbye too Loki and Thor, December was pretty sure the others were getting a bit suspicious. She had already privately said goodbye to Tony, though he was confused. Thor was on oblivious bastard as always.

Videos had been circling on all of them, but the most mysterious would be considered her. If she was going to return to earth, she would have to make a new identity as SHIELD now knew who she was, and would probably try to track her. There was a largish debate going on about what her powers were;

either, a) ice powers and teleportation;

b) magic;

and so on, it was actually kind of amusing.

The Avengers and Selvig all walk to the center of a footbridge. Tony is carrying a briefcase, Thor had Loki in a muzzle and handcuffs, Barton, Natasha, Banner, and Steve walk from cars. December wasn't particularly in favour of the muzzle. She was in simple black clothes again, not including her tan trench-coat-like-jacket, black combat boots, black shirt, black pants, and whatnot. 

December watched silently as Doctor Selvig took a glass cylinder out of a military-grade truck. Tony opened his white case, which was on the ground. Everyone watched as Bruce Banner put it into the glass cylinder. She watched silently as Thor says goodbye to his friends. The Greek half goddess watched Loki glare at them all, he looked at Natasha as she whispered something into Barton's ear making him smile.

She whispered into his mind, 'soon Loki, soon.'

Thor held the cylinder with the tesseract in it. He frowned and gestured it to Loki, who grabbed one end of the cylinder and Thor the other. The god of lightning looked with a frown at December, "I don't know what games your playing, witch. But I promise you my father will hear of your life here. Do not except no consequences to befall you."

"Your a prick, you know?" She frowned at him, "you and I both know that I had not done anything deserving of banishment. Literally the main reason would be that I hung out with Loki, and if that is enough to convict somebody. Then your father has really lost it."

Clint spoke up, "Loki has been the cause of many deaths today and in Germany-"

December scowled, "now maybe! But we were mere children when I left my home."

Thor shook his head, interrupting the impeding argument, "enough. I will take my brother home too be judged. If you receive any invitations or requests from Asgard, you are to complete it sincerely and without trickery-"

"My loyalty is not with Asgard. And neither you and your father, nor your people, not even Heimdall will be able to find me, until I reveal myself."

Thor frowned, but turned to Loki, nodding to the others in farewell. He twisted the device, which lit up, causing the two gods to glow in an electrifying bright blue. After they flashed up and the blue light was just about to leave, December stomped her foot. Seemingly causing the tesseract energy to freeze in slow motion.

The avengers tensed and prepared for a fight. Steve was the first to notice, "what are you doing?!" They all honed in on her, finally realizing she was the threat.

December smiled wistfully, "I've spent centuries on Midgard. This is my first chance since I returned to earth to come home to the play I grew up. Asgard. I will not loose this chance."

"You were banished!" Bruce yelled over the growing noise of the energy, "stop this!"

"And what do I care for the rules?" She smiled thrusting her hand into the energy, causing it to spread around her hand like an upside down waterfall. December seemed to be glowing, "I am not human. I never was. why are you expecting me to act like one?"


She grinned at them and gave them a two fingered salute, "au revoir!"

And with that she and the remaining energy of the tesseract disappeared as it took her home.

To Asgard.

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